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News on Paul Bearer and Austin Aries

– Percy Pringle III (AKA Paul Bearer) will be in attendance at the 3/6 Championship Wrestling from Hollywood/KDOC-TV Los Angeles taping at the Showcase Theatre.

– Ring of Honor star and former TNA grappler Austin Aries says he is re-evaluating his career path after getting passed over for Tough Enough. Aries was one of several independent wrestlers who made it to the final cut before WWE people took a close look at the finalists and did extensive background checks, reports Mike Aldren. There is certainly a lesson to be learned here, especially with what one writes on Facebook and Twitter, and engaging fans in verbal spars.

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  1. Cody T says:

    Wow, if WWE passed on Austin Aries one can only wonder what idiot is deciding who is “talented” enough to be on the show,.

  2. Nick says:

    Aries would never make it in WWE. He just doesn’t have the size to pull it off. WWE only needs one star Rey Mysterio’s height.

  3. Sir says:

    He’s been in the minor leagues at least 10 years now and nobody cares to see him on the big stage, myself included.

    Before you mention his 2005 stint in TNA, think how tiny it is compared to WWE.

    Big headed, small body, and a total c**t to top it off, no surprise they didn’t pick you Aries!

  4. Daniel Schein says:

    If you toss aside the fact that Aries allegedly has had some issues in TNA and ROH as far as his behavior goes the man is an amazing worker. More important however he has tons of charisma and top notch promo skills that could carry him far in WWE.

    Right now more than ever the attitude towards smaller wrestlers is changing. Tyler Black aka Seth Rollins is under contract along with Mistico, Alex Koslov aka Peter Orlov, and others. Plus you have Daniel Bryan getting a really good push and being one of the true highlights of this past year.

    If Aries suffers from anything it’s the same attitude Low Ki aka Kaval has…….he’s just to proud. Kaval who I am a huge fan of left WWE foolishly just because he hadn’t made it to the top of the card. I think he was the type of worker that would have been around for years but he just didn’t have the patience to wait. All the acclaim and online fan base got to his head IMO.

    We are seeing it all over in WWE right now where a talent get’s a big initial push but then get’s jobbed out for awhile……this is a test to see who really is a long haul investment. Sheamus is the most dramatic current example and the same has happened with Jack Swagger, Drew Mcintyre, and likely Wade Barrett now.

    As for his age I think this whole you can’t be over thirty attitude is foolish. In general I would say the bulk of your development talent should be in there twenties but exceptions must be made or you really miss out on some premium talent. 32 might be late to just be starting out but Aries alleged attitude aside is someone who could be called up to tv and make an immediate impact. DDP is a prime example of a guy who started his in ring career late in life and ended up being a top star.

  5. dave says:

    Daniel is right but he is too much of a d**k to fans, other workers and he needs to calm down on that but he has so much intensity, charisma and talent to waste it by being a absolute d**k to anyone he doesn’t socialize with and that includes backstage crew, bookers and other talent.

  6. Sonic Flame says:

    It Was not the WWE that rejectd Aries. The WWE is not handeling casting.
    Tough Enough is being cast by an agency hired by The USA Network. Joey Ryan was also rejected.

  7. Nick says:

    Daniel, the names you’ve listed are all much larger men than Aries. Aries is talented as all get out… but he sure as heck isn’t the 5′ 9″ his billed height gives to him. Just watching him in ROH, you will notice just about everyone towers over him. Even Bryan and Evan Bourne are taller. One look at the current developmental roster should also tell you that a lot of the smaller folks making it in WWE are very much the exception rather than the rule.

    …And Seth Rollins (Tyler Black) is actually really tall, though lanky… something like 6′ 3 or 4″.

    As to Tough Enough, he could very well have had too much skill to really pull off the show. These people are supposed to be getting trained at wrestling, so I doubt they would choose many stars with multiple years of experience, hence Aries & Joey Ryan not making the cut.

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