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News on Carlito, Paul London, John Cena, UFC 129, and more

– From Devin Cutting: Big Time Wrestling returns to the Pavilion in Newark, California on March 11th, 2011 at 7:30 PM with these matches:

Jason Styles vs. Ryan Von Kool vs. Carlito
TJ Perkins vs. Paul London
Kimo vs. Joey Ryan
Lucky O’Shea vs. Davina Rose
Shane Kody & Aaron Solo vs. Chico Navarro & Hopsing Lee
Victor Sterling vs. Tony Vargas

Go to for info about BTW & or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.

– From Jeff Sheridan: UFC 129: Whoa, Canada! Take notes NY

– Les Thatcher is running an Elite Pro Wrestling Training Camp in Manchester, GA from 5/13-5/15. For more info email Brian Long at

– From Dave Lagana: John Cena Goes Old School – NEW BLOG by David Lagana

New Blog on

– How John Cena needed to get his “edge” back to combat the Rock
– Why rapping every so often will keeps the haters off Cena’s back.
– How the Cena rap character was discovered and why it worked.
– Favorite Cena raps of the 2002-2005 era
– The rap that not a lot of people saw but set the tone for Cena as babyface.

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2 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    What John Cena does is recite poetry. He is NOT rapping. There are tons of elements that make stringing words together, “rap” and Cena only does one or two of the elements. Poetry would be more of a word to describe what he does. Even in his entrance music. It’s not really poetry either though, since there is no depth to it. Really it’s clever trash talk that happens to rhyme. However, I must say he is damn good at it.

  2. Riten says:

    ”clever trash talk that happens to rhyme” = Rap

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