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News on Carlito, Paul London, John Cena, UFC 129, and more

– From Devin Cutting: Big Time Wrestling returns to the Pavilion in Newark, California on March 11th, 2011 at 7:30 PM with these matches:

Jason Styles vs. Ryan Von Kool vs. Carlito
TJ Perkins vs. Paul London
Kimo vs. Joey Ryan
Lucky O’Shea vs. Davina Rose
Shane Kody & Aaron Solo vs. Chico Navarro & Hopsing Lee
Victor Sterling vs. Tony Vargas

Go to for info about BTW & or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.

– From Jeff Sheridan: UFC 129: Whoa, Canada! Take notes NY

– Les Thatcher is running an Elite Pro Wrestling Training Camp in Manchester, GA from 5/13-5/15. For more info email Brian Long at

– From Dave Lagana: John Cena Goes Old School – NEW BLOG by David Lagana

New Blog on

– How John Cena needed to get his “edge” back to combat the Rock
– Why rapping every so often will keeps the haters off Cena’s back.
– How the Cena rap character was discovered and why it worked.
– Favorite Cena raps of the 2002-2005 era
– The rap that not a lot of people saw but set the tone for Cena as babyface.

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