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Long time indy worker part of the Tough Enough cast

– Mike Johnson of is reporting that 12 year veteran of the indy scene “M-Dogg” Matt Cross is a part of the Tough Enough cast. The season premier of the show will take place at 11pm EDT on the night after Wrestlemania.

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  1. lachlan says:

    sweet he is such a cool wrestler…

  2. tommy says:

    wow an older talent must be in his late 30’s to early 40 like myself

  3. Eric says:

    nice. cant wait for tough enough

  4. Daniel Schein says:

    That is awesome for Matt. I’ve met the guy several times over the years and he really deserves this long overdue shot at the big time.

  5. Daniel says:

    I don’t know how similar this TE will be to the original but if it is identical then this seems like a bit of an advantage for this guy don’t ya think?

  6. robbo says:

    yeah it does seem an advantage if he is one of those who knows how to wrestle. oh wait its all indy wrestlers more or less

  7. GrimMasterT says:

    ……so they take Matt Cross….over Austin Aries? You gotta be kidding me….Stone Cold hosting, Booker and Trish training, still doesn’t make me wanna tune into the show. I guess they’re lucky that they’re scheduling it before and after Raw beginning April 10th, hoping that Wrestling fans will tune in early and keep the TV on the same channel an hour later than normal….I think I’ll stick to just bein around my TV at 8. 10PM means something good is on Adult Swim. Screw Tough Enough.

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