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National Wrestling Superstars Results featuring Steele, Snitsky, etc.

National Wrestling Superstars Results From Bloomfield, NJ 2/19:
Former WWE Star Snitsky Shows Someone The Door (Literally), Former WWE Hall-of-Famer George “The Animal” Steele Manages The Undefeated Nigerian Nightmares To Another Victory, Surprise Appearance By Another Wrestling Legend, And More
NWS concluded their huge double-shot weekend on Saturday night February 19th with their annual mega-show at the Bloomfield, NJ High School Gym, and, as in past years, the Bloomfield area fans welcomed NWS with open arms as a huge crowd filled the ringside seats and a good part of the bleachers to cheer on their favorites in a night of great action.

* Before the opening bell, The Nigerian Nightmares (La-Fu and Ra-Fu) came out to ringside, dragging a tied-up Botchagalup The Banana Boy behind them. (They apparently hadn’t been fed dinner yet and were threatening to make him their next meal). Their handler Princess Niya came out and seemed to get them under control, to the point where they released Banana Boy and went to the back to find a more acceptable meal.

* In the opening contest, newly-crowned NWS Cruiserweight Champion Spyral made his first successful title defense against Philadelphia area veteran challenger Devon Moore. The two matched holds back and forth, inside and outside the ring. After Devon hit a superkick and a superplex on Spyral, it looked like there might be new champion crowned once again, but Devon went to the well once too often, missing a moonsault from the top rope, Spyral hit a side powerbomb on Devon, followed by a flying splash, and covered him for the 1-2-3.

* In one of the more unusual triple-threat matches seen in NWS, The Famous TV Wrestling Clown defeated Judas Young and NWS Junior Heavyweight Champion “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans. Judas and Nicky ganged up on The Clown two on one from the start, and The Clown dug deep into his bag of tricks to keep them at bay. But the tricks weren’t enough to keep Nicky and Judas from overpowering The Clown, and he was out-brawled for several minutes. But when Nicky and Judas started making pinfall attempts, the other one would break it up, claiming they wanted to be the winner, and this break in the action allowed The Clown to battle back and knock both of them out of the ring, Judas was furious at Nicky, and attacked him on the outside with his own title belt. Once back in the ring, Nicky drop-kicked Judas off the apron to the floor, knocking him out. Nicky locked The Clown in a Sharpshooter, but The Clown made it to the ropes. Nicky then went for a moonsault on the weakened Clown, but he missed, and The Clown locked on a Stump Puller, and Nicky eventually tapped out, giving The Clown the victory.

* NWS Tag-Team Champions The Jersey Shore Jocks (Mike Dennis & Chris D’Andrea) successfully defended their titles against the team known as Hot And Dangerous (“Too Hot” Steve Scott & Nick Talent). Scott and Talent had been chasing after the champions for months, and were hoping to embarrass the champions in front of the huge Bloomfield crowd. The challengers gave the champions a good fight, and towards the end had Dennis and D’Andrea both perched on opposite corners, ready to superplex them into defeat. ButThe Jocks knocked them both off, and hit twin Coast-To-Coast flying splashes to get the 1-2-3.

* In another tag-team contest, “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smoothie & “Corrupted” Corey Havoc (with manager “The Verbal Assassiin” Gigalo Joe Jones) defeated the duo of Neko The Monkey Man & Botchagalup The Banana Boy (with former WWE hall-of-famer George “The Animal” Steele in their corner). Smoothie and Havoc may be among the best conventional wrestlers in NWS, but their opponents were as unconventional as they get, and befuddled the two veterans for most of the match. But, after surviving a pair of monkey flips from Neko, Havoc and Smoothie put down Banana Boy with a superkick by Smoothie into a crucifix slam by Havoc, which got him the 1-2-3. Havoc and Smoothie continued to pound away at Neko and Banana Boy until their manager George “The Animal” Steele came into the ring and chased them away.

* During intermission, NWS introduced a surprise guest, former WWE & WCW & TNA star Scott Hall, who signed autographs and took pictures with the fans.

* In the first of the two main event matches, former WWE star Gene “It’s Not My Fault” Snitsky defeated Danny Inferno in a “Loser Goes Through A Door” Match. Despite Inferno’s initial claims that he would never be put through a door, he was reluctant to get into the ring with the big man. When the match finally got under way, it was a hard-hitting brawl all over the ring. Inferno eventually brought the door and a pair of chairs into the ring, and initially pounded Snitsky with the chairs before being drop-toe-holded onto one. Snitsky mounted the door on top of the two chairs, and the two pounded on each other some more, trying to weaken the other enough to smash through the door. But in the end it was Inferno who was chokeslammed through the door by Snitsky, giving Snitsky the victory.

* In the second of the main event matches, a six-person inter-gender tag-team matchup, The Nigerian Nightmares (La-Fu & Ra-Fu) & their wrestling handler Princess Niya (with manager George “The Animal” Steele) defeated “The Baghdad Bully” Saddam Insane & Smith James & Jana (with manager “The Verbal Assassin” Gigalo Joe Jones). After being told for years to pick on someone their own size (which is hard when you weigh 400+ pounds each), La-Fu & Ra-Fu had opponents who matched them in size, and a hard-hitting match ensued in the ring, with no love lost between Niya and Jana as they pounded on each other as well. After several minutes of the smaller La-Fu being triple-teamed, the 550-pound Ra-Fu tagged in and cleaned house. As Niya chased Jana out of the ring and brawled with her on the floor, Ra-Fu crushed both Saddam and James in the corner with an Avalanche, and La-Fu hit a Vader-Bomb on James and pinned him 1-2-3. The Nightmares celebrated their victory by leading the crowd in a Conga Line dance all around the gym, and George “The Animal” Steele celebrated in his traditional way by feasting on a turnbuckle, as the show closed.

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