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Fourth Tough Enough trainer will be?

– According to Dave Meltzer the 4th trainer for Tough Enough will be Bill Demott aka Hugh Morris form WCW. The other three trainers as previously announced will be Booker T, Trish Stratus and Steve Austin.

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  1. Jono K says:

    Bill Demott is back! Knew he would be…

  2. Rex Anderson says:

    Again? Man WWE needs a creative helping hand, you could at least tried Arn Anderson or Dean Malenko, or hell even Shawn Michaels he has alot of time on his hands coming.

  3. Blazenwing says:

    Honestly, I thought Demott was one of the best parts of the first run of Tough Enough. I’ll miss Al Snow not being a part of the show but it would be a little tough since he’s working behind the scenes in TNA at the moment. Anyways, yeah, Demott should be a fun addition to the show, and I’m interested how he’ll mesh with Austin, lol…

  4. Cody T says:

    Wow, this made my day. I was praying they would bring DeMott in, especially with Al Snow being in TNA.

  5. DJ REIGN says:


  6. aag770 says:

    Wonder if Al Snow is at least partially regretting his working for TNA right now??? Nice to see DeMott back, though I honestly would’ve liked seeing Hardcore Holly there instead. Also, this trainer line-up reminds of a song that goes, “One of these things is not like the other…” (since it’s three main-eventers/upper-carders and DeMott).

  7. tommy says:

    yeah bill demiot as they said wwe wont do the smae guys again so if thats true with demiot then wwwe lied about not having the same guys again

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