WWE Elimination Chamber coverage: Smackdown Chamber match

Feb 20, 2011 - by staff

– We see a video previewing the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match.

(2) Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Title.
Edge (c) vs Drew McIntyre vs Kane vs Rey Mysterio vs Wade Barrett vs Big Show. Teddy Long came out and announced Big Show as the replacement for Ziggler who was fired on Smackdown. Edge and Mysterio are starting the match off. Edge backdrops Rey over the top and he lands black first on the steel floor. McIntyre is trying to get out of his pod but obviously can’t. Mysterio gets tossed into one of the pod doors by Edge. The third man to enter is Barrett who goes to work on Mysterio. Edge slides Rey stomach first out of the ring and he slides across the steel. Wade gets backdropped from teh ring to the steel floor and looks to have tweaked his knee. Wade is going for Wasteland on the floor but Mysterio counters it and climbs the cage wall. Wade catches him though in a Powerbomb position but Rey counters into a Hurricanrana into the ring on Wade. Rey goes for the 619 but Edge stops him with a big boot. The 4th man is in the match now and it is Kane. Show and McIntyre are the only two left to enter the match. Kane is dominating everyone. Drew continues to beat on the glass door of his pod as he wants out. Time for the 5th entrant and it is Drew McIntyre. Drew grabs Rey as soon as he is let out and launches him head first into one of the pod doors. Drew and Wade are working together. McIntyre turns on Barrett and tosses him into one of the chamber doors which breaks the glass. Drew goes for the Future Shock DDT but Edge counters it into the Edgecution. Edge goes for a Spear on Drew but Kane comes in and catches around the throat but before he can Chokeslam him Rey stops it but gets tossed over the post and into one of the chamber pods. The 6th and final man is now in the match in Big Show. He goes right after Wade and tosses him through one of the pod doors. Big Show with the Knockout Punch on Barrett and he is the first person eliminated. Mysterio is climbing up to the top of one of the pods. Future Shock on Show but he kicks out. Mysterio jumps off the top and nails a seated Senton on Show but he kicks out before three. 619 on Show followed by a Spear and Chokeslam and Kane eliminates Big Show. Chokeslam on Drew as well and he is now eliminated. Kane goes for one on Rey as well but Edge stops it. 619 on Kane followed by a Spear and Kane is eliminated. We are down to the two men who started the match in Edge and Mysterio. This has been very good so far. Kane Chokeslams both men before leaving the Chamber. Edge goes for the Spear on Rey but he counters it into a roll up for a near fall. Edge counters a Rana into a sit down Powerbomb for another near fall. This match is excellent. Rey goes for the 619 but Edge moves. Edge locks in the Edgeucator on Rey but he refuses to tap. Rey rolls up Edge for a near fall. Spear from Edge but Mysterio kicks out in two. That was a great near fall in a great match. Mysterio goes up top and leaps off but Edge catches him with a Spear in mid-air for the three count and win. That match was off the hook. Del Rio is out after the match and attacks Edge. Christian is out to make the save and hits Del Rio with the Kill Switch.

Winner: Edge

– Matt Stryker interviews Jerry Lawler backstage and he talks about his match with Miz and his mom passing away the past week and how it’s all he can think about.

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