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WWE Elimination Chamber coverage: Raw Elimination Chamber

– CM Punk is eliminated by Randy Orton following an RKO right as he entered the match (Punk’s pod door was stuck)

– Raw GM has something to say about CM Punks’ elimination from the match. Raw GM, “Due to a malfunctioning pod, CM Punk was not given a fair chance to compete.” “Therefore, I’m allowing Mr. Punk to re-enter his pod. CM Punk is now re-instated in this match.”

– R-Truth is eliminated by Sheamus

– Randy Orton is eliminated by CM Punk

– Sheamus is eliminated by John Morrison

– down to John Cena, CM Punk and John Morrison

– John Morrison is eliminated by CM Punk

– CM Punk is eliminated by John Cena; Cena advances to Wrestlemania to face The Miz for the WWE Championship

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