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WWE Elimination Chamber coverage: Raw Elimination Chamber

– CM Punk is eliminated by Randy Orton following an RKO right as he entered the match (Punk’s pod door was stuck)

– Raw GM has something to say about CM Punks’ elimination from the match. Raw GM, “Due to a malfunctioning pod, CM Punk was not given a fair chance to compete.” “Therefore, I’m allowing Mr. Punk to re-enter his pod. CM Punk is now re-instated in this match.”

– R-Truth is eliminated by Sheamus

– Randy Orton is eliminated by CM Punk

– Sheamus is eliminated by John Morrison

– down to John Cena, CM Punk and John Morrison

– John Morrison is eliminated by CM Punk

– CM Punk is eliminated by John Cena; Cena advances to Wrestlemania to face The Miz for the WWE Championship

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7 Responses

  1. riffraff says:

    really? Wow nit that is a surprise! Not!!!

  2. Maybe says:

    shaping up to be a lame mania

  3. DJ Reign says:

    Cena winning was to obvious… Maybe we get the rock as guest ref for cena vs miz?

  4. Michael says:

    Never would have guessed it.

  5. Sonia says:

    What a shock? Cena in the main event. All we need now is HHH. Oh that’s right he’s gonna face the Taker. STALE! Why watch wrestlemaina? Anyone remember when the WWE used to suprise us and was good? Been years IMO

  6. Ian says:

    WOW what a shocker…blah…Cena at WM again…should have been Morrison they could have started to push some more younger starts.

  7. mik says:


    hoped for a barrett or morisson win

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