WWE Elimination Chamber PPV Preview & Predictions

Feb 19, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Hey readers! This is Joseph Nocera alongside Brittney O’Loghlen and we are here for the preview and predictions of the last pay-per-view stop before the spectacle of Wrestlemania 27, here are the preview and predictions one of WWE’s most dangerous pay-per-views, Elimination Chamber, coming live from Oakland, California. Lets get straight into it, and we will start off with the WWE Championship Match:


Brittney: Will Jerry Lawler capture the title and go on to his first Wrestlemania ever? Or will the Miz hold on to his belt, ready to face off the winner of the RAW elimination chamber? The Miz will take control for most of the matchup. Interference will take it’s toll in this bought and will certainly be a good thing for the Miz, as we all know his apprentice Alex Riley always has his part in every match. We also have Michael Cole, who definitely ensures us that he is Miz’ biggest fan and would do anything for him to retain his Championship. As we saw on RAW this past week that Lawler wasn’t on commentary for the whole of RAW, this means Lawler is dead focused on this Sunday and is ready to put up a brilliant performance for the Oakland, California crowd. Miz will take the lead throughout most of the match, but with the suspense and support from the fans Lawler will have had enough and get the crowd cheering at his side. With Riley’s interference throughout the match, it will soon be Michael Cole’s turn, right? Near the end of the match Cole will hop up on the apron, leading the referee to distraction and Alex Riley hitting Lawler in the head with his briefcase and giving Miz the opportunity to retain his Championship hitting the Mizard of Oz and following up with the Skull Crushing Finale. This will then lead into a possible fued for Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler, hopefully a Wrestlemania match between the two.

Joseph: I don’t expect this match to be a match of the year kind of match, but still to be a great match. These two guys had a great Tables, Ladders and Chairs match on an episode of Raw in late November. This is a huge opportunity for the Hall of Famer, he has never held the WWE title and he could go into Wrestlemania as the WWE Champion. I think this match will be a bit slow at times, but it will still be a good match. I think that Miz will dominate most of this match and will have help from Alex Riley and maybe from Michael Cole. It is pretty obvious that The Miz will retain the WWE Championship, because having Jerry Lawler as the WWE Champion heading into Wrestlemania just does not sound right. I expect with some help from Alex Riley and Michael Cole, The Miz retains the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber and faces the winner of the Raw Elimination Chamber at Wrestlemania.

Brittney: The Miz retains the WWE Championship
Joseph: The Miz retains the WWE Championship


Brittney: World Heavyweight champion, The Rated R Superstar, Edge, will have alot on his mind this Sunday at California. His odds are stacked against five other superstars in a steel chamber. With contestants Drew McIntyre, Rey Mysterio, Kane, and Wade Barret, Edge must stay at his best to retain his most prised possession, the world heavyweight championship. All three of four members have had history with Edge and two have been world heavy weight champions before. This stacks alot of pressure up on Edge. Since Dolph Ziggler has been fired, he is obviously removed from the Chamber match, meaning there is a surprise entry. My thoughts on the surprise entry, is The Big Show. What better superstar on the Smackdown! roster to enter in this monster of a Chamber? Big Show will fit in well and will be huge competition for all the superstars, literally! Big Show and Kane are definitely the superstars to watch out for as they are the biggest and most intimidating. Edge will feel super confident as his Spear is now finally legal to use, whenever! Wade Barret will feel a little out of place without his fellow members of the Corre. My thoughts on this match are that Drew McIntyre really wants to impress Kelly Kelly, and is again dedicating this match to her. Edge and McIntyre will be the last two contestants in the chamber. Edge has done nothing wrong, but McIntyre is jealous of him and Kelly and is definitely not a fan. In the end McIntyre will receive a spear. With the crowd thinking that Edge is going to win Kelly Kelly will make her return, she will distract Edge and give McIntyre a hand in winning the belt. McIntyre will hit the future shock DDT, and will close the match-up with the World Heavyweight Championship finally in his hands. This then stands for Kelly Kelly’s heel turn. 

Joseph: I expect this match to be a very brutal match, but a great one. You currently have 5 of Smackdown!’s biggest stars competing in the Elimination Chamber for the right to be called the World Heavyweight Champion. Currently,  there is one more spot left in this match that was meant to be for the former Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler, but as you had seen on Smackdown on Friday night, the General Manager Theodore Long returned and fired Dolph. This leaves this match with one spot left. I could see maybe Booker T competing in this match if he is not commentating at the event. And also, this match is for something else besides the World Heavyweight Championship. Whoever wins this match will main event Wrestlemania in a World Heavyweight Championship match against the winner of the 2011 Royal Rumble Match, Alberto Del Rio. I can’t see either Wade Barrett, Kane or Drew McIntyre winning this match. I could possibly see Rey Mysterio become World Heavyweight Champion again, but I don’t think it will happen inside the Elimination Chamber. I am predicting Edge to retain the World Heavyweight Championship at Elimination Chamber and facing Alberto Del Rio at Wrestlemania 27.

Brittney: Drew McIntyre wins the World Heavyweight Championship
Joseph: Edge retains the World Heavyweight Championship


Brittney: With the champion not in the ring, this definitely puts alot less pressure on the superstars. But the fact that it’s for the #1 Contenders spot, puts the pressure right back on. All superstars CM Punk, John Cena, Randy Orton, John Morrison, Sheamus and R-Truth are facing off to fight for their spot at Wrestlemania versing the WWE Champion, The Miz. This is a massive, once a year opportunity for the RAW Superstars and definitely could highlight their career, if they go onto Wrestlemania to win the belt. With four out of six previous World Champions in the ring, you would assume John Morrison and R-Truth have alot of pressure put on them. Although we know John Morrison, has definitely grown as a wrestler and has the right amount of confidence, this is still a big deal for him. This will be Truth’s first elimination chamber and is a huge match-up for him, as it is his first shot at a contendership spot for the WWE title. With John Morrison and Sheamus’ rivalry, CM Punks, Randy’s and John Cena’s rivalry, this just leaves one superstar out if it, R-Truth. Being that said, it gives R-Truth a very good chance to pick up the title, because he’s going to be picking up the scraps. It all has to come to an end, and in my opinion it will be between Sheamus and John Cena, both former WWE Champions. John Cena will hit the Attitude Adjustment, but will finish him off with an S.T.F.U as there are no rope breaks. This leads to John Cena versus the Miz at Wrestlemania, for the WWE Championship.

Joseph: In my opinion, this match looks amazing. It will be tough and brutal, but a great match. An awesome line-up that features 6 of the best superstars on Raw. The winner of this match will receive a WWE Championship Match against either The Miz or Jerry Lawler at Wrestlemania. I could see maybe a few winners in this match. From what I have heard, CM Punk and Randy Orton are planned to have a match at Wrestlemania, so I can’t see either Orton or Punk winning it. I think R-Truth will be a surprise in this match. I think he is going to surprise a lot of people. I could see also John Morrison pulling off a win inside the Elimination Chamber. He has had an awesome 2011 so far, and I could see him facing either Miz or Lawler at Wrestlemania. John Cena is a huge favourite to win this match, and I could easily see him compete for the WWE title at Wrestlemania. I see John Cena winning the Elimination Chamber and facing the Miz for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 27.

Brittney: John Cena wins the Raw Elimination Chamber and faces The Miz for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania
Joseph: John Cena wins the Raw Elimination Chamber and faces The Miz for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania


Brittney: in this one-on-one contest, Kofi Kingston and Alberto Del Rio have no intentions on taking it easy on each other. Since Del Rio won the Royal Rumble and now has a guaranteed World Heavyweight Championship match at his first ever Wrestlemania, he assumed that was his only worry and that nothing else could get in his way. Kingston will come to the ring Confident and ready to put on a great show for the Crowd. Del Rio may start off as his over-confident self but he won’t be entirely focused on the match. It will be a fifty-fifty match as both superstars are different, and have different abilities, it should be interesting. Although Kingston is smart in the ring, he may find himself in some trouble with his move-set or not feel as comfortable as Del Rio is quick and can dodge or catch Kingston whilst he is in the air. Towards the end with anticipation from the crowd, Kingston will aim for the win and setup his boom drop and the Trouble in Paradise. Once he’s hit the boom drop, he’ll go for the Trouble and Paradise, Del Rio will duck and Kingston will lose his balance and fall on the canvas. Alberto is then given a huge advantage to go for the Cross-Arm Bar submission. Kingston will have no choice but to tap out. Alberto’s win sends out a warning to the World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania, that Alberto has no fear, no matter who it is. 

Joseph: This match will be very entertaining. These two guys had an awesome match a few weeks ago on Smackdown! and they have built up a great feud since Del Rio cost Kofi Kingston a spot in the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber by distracting him on the titantron. This match is not for the Intercontinental Championship, but it would be interesting to see how the match would go if the title was up for grabs. This match will be entertaining and good to watch. Del Rio will most likely dominate a majority of the match, and Kofi will come back and hit his signature moves. But somehow, Alberto will get the upper hand and win the match using the cross arm-breaker. This will give Alberto a boost of momentum heading into his World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania.

Brittney: Alberto Del Rio wins this match
Joseph: Alberto Del Rio wins this match

So there you have it, here are you’re Elimination Chamber Preview and Predictions. Brittney and I hope you enjoy reading this. We would also like to thank Sean O’Loghlen for his help with this. We will be back for the Preview and Predictions for Wrestlemania 27 the weekend before the event. Thanks for reading and enjoy WWE Elimination Chamber, live from Oakland, California.

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