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The planned Wrestlemania 27 main event

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the currently planned main even for the Wrestlemania 27 is The Undertaker vs. Triple H – likely streak vs. retirement with Shawn Michaels serving as the special guest referee. As always, plans are subject to change.

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  1. Tim L. says:

    A guy we haven’t seen wrestle in a year puts his career on the line against the guy who will never lose at a Wrestlemania.


  2. Adam says:


    This is not a Main Event. Furthermore it has no hook to it what so ever. Trips should be in a match against Seamus plain and simple. I would much rather pay to see Barret/ Taker any day. I have nothing against Triple H (he’s actually my favorite character) but this booking makes NO sense.

  3. Daniel says:

    So Triple H and Michels retire the SAME way…that’s a little….repetitive don’t ya think?

  4. Steve says:

    I hate to doubt these sources but I think they will find a way to get Rock involved in a match with Cena. If its as guest referee whatever. Now that will be the main event. If you smelllllllll…..

  5. yup says:

    Trips is gonna destroy Sheamus on Raw thus putting an end to their “FUED” then target the Undertaker. Seriously any of us could book the WWE better than it is.

  6. Andy says:

    This doesn’t really make much sense at all. Mania is a little more than a month away, and WWE is probably going to begin this storyline the day after Elimination Chamber. So that means this “main event” won’t exactly have a big build to it. And where does this leave his fued with Sheamus? It wouldn’t make sense for him to return from his injury that was (kayfabe) caused by Sheamus and completely ignore him, unless of course he buries him sometime before Mania.

  7. Joshua Shaver says:

    Triple H will probably return at Elimination Chamber to possibly take out Sheamus when it appears Sheamus is gonna win the match. They fight on RAW when the Undertaker makes he return to say “Its Time”.

  8. raven12516 says:

    My opinion? Undertaker will to 20-0 and leave it at that.

  9. PK says:

    Actually….yall all wrong its looks like its going to be a new feud with Triple H and the Undertaker cause somehow Undertaker is going to get screwed at Wrestlemania just cause Triple H married the boss’s daughter

  10. Jon says:

    taker vs hhh? sounds good to me. guess the obvious storyline is taker ended hbk’s career so he wants revenge for his buddy.. they gonna play it as stacking the deck against taker, possibly hbk as guest ref even… hbk is gonna cost hhh the match and end his career in the process. Its pretty logical.. more logical than taker vs barrett or hhh vs sheamus (which has been done 100000 x already)

  11. Jasper says:

    Its quite boring to see this match happen as its Taker’s last Wrestlemania match anyway. And haven’t we seen this in Wrestlemania 17 already? I still think Barrett should be the guy involved in this match and receive a huge push from the WWE

  12. aag770 says:

    This will probably be a good match, but I’m not gonna lie, there’s no way I’ll be as interested in the feud that leads to this match as I was for the one that led to their Wrestlemania X-Seven match… (Wow, that was 10 years ago already!?)

  13. C.C. Coleman says:

    Taker already beat Triple H at Wrestlemania years ago…so, no I don’t care. The Rock isn’t wrestleing, so… dont care. WWE sucks. Face it. I just tune in to see if anything happens and then I see something like Jerry Lawler in the main event for the belt, then I laugh and change it to something else. TNA is much better. And they suck half the time…

  14. Joe says:

    Obviously TNA is not the only organization with lousy booking. It’s just that TNA gets all the grief & WWE doesn’t get any flak from anyone. Where’s the fairness? If one is lousy & get called for it, then WWE is lousy, shouldn’t they be called on it too?

  15. Drew says:

    The Rock comes back and doesn’t get to be involved in WM’s main event?! Which jabronis came up with that idea?

  16. N. Gaijin says:

    I have to agree that Trips/Taker makes no sense. Really I think this is just false information that’s been disseminated to intentionally throw off the smarks, but I’ll also admit that with the way Smackdown’s been booked lately, I wouldn’t blame someone for believing something like this could happen. I mean as everyone has said, there’s not enough time to significantly build this main event, it doesn’t make sense as it doesn’t resolve Trips/Sheamus, and it also doesn’t resolve Taker/Barrett. No, I’d much rather see those two matches than this “main event”.

    As far as The Rock goes, we still don’t know if they have anything planned outside of his role as “guest host”, so here’s hoping they get their act together next week. A little too late to announce him actually wrestling, but as I’ve mentioned before, I think it’d be great if they made him special referee for a title match.

  17. Rex Anderson says:

    Its been done already! Geez! Why does everyone think its quittin’ time at Wrestlemania? Triple H has lost to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania during the McMahon-Helmsley era. You cant forget it, its the same Wrestlemania that The Rock fought Stone Cold, with Austin shaking hands with Vince Mcmahon. Triple H and tbe Undertaker foight so much that it caused the two man power trip Austin/Triple H vs. The Brothers of destruction for the tag team titles. So watching those two Again would be great but no thanks, just no dammit!

  18. Truth B Known says:

    Triple threat – Let Sting in one match become the biggest hero and heal of all time by retiring HHH and beating the unstoppable Wrestlemania force of the Undertaker!

  19. The One you H8 to Love says:

    This the Wrestlemania Card I would make….(tell me if you agree or disagree)

    Taker vs Cena (w. Rock as ref)
    WWE Title: The Miz vs Morrison
    World Title: Edge vs ADR vs Ziggler
    Sheamus vs HHH
    US Title: Danielson vs Regal (submission or I quit)
    RKO vs CM Punk vs Barrett
    Divas Title 6pk Challenge: Champ vs McCool vs Melina vs Beth vs Nattie vs Kong (debut)
    8-man Tag: Show/Kofi/Rey/ vs The Corre

  20. jack says:

    would prefer cena v taker before triple h.
    the miz v morrison wwe title
    i like the world title match as it is
    if we HAVE to see triple h v sheamus again make it a hardcore or something

    jerry lawler v micheal cole should be in there for a novelty match

    if i was booking i wouldnt have triple h return until mania as a mystery participant in money in the bank, win that and cash it in for a triple threat wwe match for trips last title run

    have rock cost cena the match for all the trash talking

    cody v rey in a mask v mask match to open maybe

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