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Video: The latest WWE “2-21-11” promo

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  1. Bayly says:

    Now its clearly the Undertaker

  2. James says:

    its shawn michaels if you look closely when they show him there are no tattoos plus the chin looks like hbk’s

  3. . says:

    there is the scorpion on the wall. and undertaker is not alone there.

  4. Jarrad says:

    Here is my thoughts after the latest video. I think it is Undertaker, and HBK. I think the RUMORS are true about HHH v. Undertaker and I think HBK will be the enforcer. BUT I dont think that is all there is to it. There is defiantly a scorpion on the wall so here is what I think will happen at WrestleMania…

    Undertaker and HHH have an AWESOME match Shawn is about to county Undertaker out when the lights go off… They come back on and in the Middle of the Ring is none other than Sting leaving everyone in shock as the PPV goes off air setting up Sting v. Taker next year…

    Just my thoughts feel free to give me some feedback

  5. Ronald B says:

    What if Sting will actually have a run-in at WM 27, eventually costing Taker the match?

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