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Update on Jeff Hardy’s court case

Jeff Hardy’s court case continues tomorrow in Monroe, NC. To put the title back on Hardy last night the company must be very confident regarding his rumored plea deal.

source: Mike Aldren

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  1. Agent Cooper says:

    It’s pretty clear he’s not going to serve a day in prison.

  2. advo319 says:

    I kind of hope that he does, because I have a small inkling desire to see Dixie put her foot in her mouth as far as putting the TNA title on him.

  3. DJ Reign says:

    I bet if he took a drug test he will fail!!!

  4. SETH says:

    hardy’s a loser….

  5. xyu says:

    If it were any of us, we would never get out of jail. Hardy, on the other hand, will walk free and be rewarded. Sickening…..

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