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Possible SPOILER on Wrestlemania guest host

– is reporting that the Wrestlemania guest host which will be announced tonight on Raw will be former Price is Right host Bob Barker.

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  1. dan says:

    what an absolute joke.

  2. Gary says:

    the rock basically anounced that it will be him not barker on his face book. the exact quote he wrote was. …FINALLY….get ready DJ

  3. Kyle Christie says:

    OMG was expecting someone RELATED to WWE or wrestling at least

  4. lachlan says:

    yeah it is a joke

  5. Hipnosis says:

    aaww great….Price is Right was never a huge Ratings Gaining show >_>

  6. sunshinethewerewolf says:

    I don’t see Vince coming out of character to open up Raw to announce that next week the guest host of wrestlemania will be bob barker. You wanna have a “youth movement” type mania? You get someone like the rock who shows that it can be done. Not a dinosaur like bob barker.

  7. Anony-mouse says:

    you have GOT to be kidding me

  8. James says:

    This report is wrong. Vince would not make such a big deal of it, if it was only Bob Barker.

  9. Sean B says:

    man, wwe is really gonna have to wow me to get me to buy the ppv. a return to the attitude era would be great

  10. Kevin says:

    I nominate this post at Epic Fail of the Year.

  11. wtf says:

    HAHHAHAHAHA its the jabroni beating…. LALALALALALAOOOOOHH pie eating… trail Blazing.. eyebrow raising….. Peoples Champ! THE ROCK!!!!

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