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Live Raw coverage (Wrestlemania Host announced)

(1) John Cena vs CM Punk. John Cena cuts a promo before the match. He talks about the speculation of who the Wrestlemania guest host will be. He said it could be Lady Gaga but he thinks it will be Micheal Cole and then makes a bunch of lame gay jokes. Punk comes out and says he has beaten Cena three times in a row just check Grays Sports Almanac. The New Nexus is banned from ringside. One of the members of Nexus is under the ring but the referee doesn’t see it. He slides a chair out and Punk puts it in the ring and as the referee puts it out Punk is handed a wrench by the Nexus member and he uses it on Cena for the win.

– Alberto Del Rio is out to talk about Wrestlemania. He says winning the title is his destiny. Edge comes out and says he has a destiny as well and attacks Alberto. He sets up for the Spear but Ricardo cuts him off. Del Rio beats down Edge but he fights back and and Del Rio bails. Vickie Guerrero is out and announces that Dolph Ziggler is the new World Heavyweight Champion due to Edge using the Spear. The official ceremony to crown Dolph the new champion will happen this Friday on Smackdown. Vickie says she has proof that Edge is the one who assaulted Teddy Long and says Edge is going to lose his job.

(2) Divas Title: Eve (c) vs Natalya in a Lumber Jills Match. Eve gets the win.

– Miz and Alex Riley are shown heading to the ring. Miz will take on Daniel Bryan next.

(3) WWE Champion The Miz vs US Champion Daniel Bryan in a non-title match. Alex Riley is on commentary for the match. Very good back and forth match here. Bryan dives off the apron and into Miz who goes crashing through the barricade. Miz gets the win using the Skull Crushing Finale.

– Miz cuts a promo after the match. He says Lawler is not here tonight because his mother passed away and says he hopes Jerry doesn’t use that as an excuse when he beats him on Sunday.

(4) John Morrison & R-Truth vs David Otunga & Michael McGilicutty. This was supposed to be Morrison vs Truth but the GM turned it into a tag team match during the commercial break. Morrison gets the win on McGilicutty with a knee to the face. Mason Ryan try’s to attack after the match but Truth and Morrison knock him out of the ring.

– Great Khali is out for the Valentines Day Kiss Cam. The camera is on Dibiase and Maryse and Maryse refuses to kiss him and kisses Yoshi Tatsu instead. Regal kisses Zach Ryder as well.

(5) King Sheamus vs Randy Orton. Nexus runs in during the match. This brings out Morrison and Truth. Nexus takes the advantage until Cena runs down and clears the ring with Orton.

– We see a limo pull up and an unknown female steps out and walks toward to the ring.

– Josh Matthews announces the host of WM 27. The lights go out and a video of lighting is shown on the big screen and out comes….THE ROCK. A huge ovation from the crowd. Rock cuts a promo and says after 7 long years “Finally the Rock” has come back to Monday Night Raw which means back home. Rock takes off his glasses and says he needs to tell us something as Dwayne. He says he is back not because of the money or to promote a movie but because of the fans. He says it’s because of us that he is back and he is never going away and that The Rock is back. He says he called Vince and he told Rock that the only man who can host Mania is Justin Bieber. Rock says he likes Justin but only one man is capable of hosting Mania and that is himself. He rips on Miz and says he sucks. The GM chimes in and he is talking. Rock stops Cole and says no one gives a damn what the GM has to say. He tells Cole to sit down and know his role and shut his mouth. He says there is someone he needs to see who started talking trash about him and that is John Cena. He says WWE has gone from Austin 3:16 to Smell What the Rock is Cookin all the way down to “You Can’t See Me” as he does the voice like a 13 year old girl. He says he will see Cena at Mania as well as Miz. He says at Mania he will lay the Smackdown on All their Candy Asses,  If You Smell What The Rock is Cookin.

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  1. Casey says:

    FINALLY……. A REAL SUPERSTAR PUTS HOW ANY WRESTLING FAN FEELS INTO WORDS. WE CAME FROM AUSTIN 3:16 DRINK A BEER KICK SOME ASS, DONT LIKE IT SHINE IT UP TURN IT SIDEWAYS STICK UP UR CANDY ASS TO…… john cena and his rainbow colored shirt stand boring the hell out of us with lame kid jokes. its cool to see someone they CANT job to cena

  2. Freeman Cooper says:

    So, any idea why they had the shot of the woman getting out of the limo?

  3. Rex Anderson says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, thats how its done. No hand frazes, no screaming awesome, no kissing men, ugh. Character, talent, charisma, and entertaining. Damn if u didnt feel like a kid again then you missed the best damn interview segment since the insult of Stephanie Mcmahons boobs. Now that, and I quote, was entertainment.

  4. Kaleb says:

    well spoken Rex Anderson

  5. -Jay- says:

    I’m guessing the woman getting out of the limo was to throw us all off, seemed to have worked! Excellent production of the Rock’s entrance too!

  6. dooman says:

    FINALLY a decent segment on raw again…not ending with a john cena menaching look damn man i miss the rock that man doesn’t even need to wrestle to entertain…take a good look vince lose the pg and tell cena to f off

  7. J-Ro says:

    FINALLY…I’m willing to BUY a PPV again!!! =D

  8. christian says:

    best raw ive seen in years i mean years awesome

  9. wtf says:

    FINALLY…. (pause) FINALLY!!!…… MY WALLET… HAS COME BACK!!!! to buying Wrestlemania on PPV… GOD BLESS THE ROCK!!

  10. Silent J says:

    I see The Rocks promo was still from the attitude era. To hell with wwepg. Glad to see someone actually cut down cena and his t-shirts. Now if we can have some macho in the WWE I can die a happy man

  11. Timothy says:

    I don’t know if anyone noticed the 2-21-11 video. Yes it is the UnderTaker but to much of my friend’s and my speculation is that it showed the UnderTaker looking out of a window or in a mirror, then the candles go away. UnderTaker is inside this building. After showing him inside the building it then goes to someone walking towards the building in boots and trenchcoat. I believe that UnderTaker will show up on Raw like previously reported but at the same time, he will have a visitor and judging by Steve Borden’s(aka Sting) it may very well be him. (There is a photograph of Sting holding a playing card with UnderTaker in the middle with the word “streak” on each side of the card.

  12. Timothy says:

    ^^^facebook page^^^^ of steve borden

  13. wtf says:

    Timothy.. OMG your right!!!

  14. Czar of Wrestling says:

    Not THAT ecstatic about ROcky but hey, he got to say “ass” alot and get away with it so I’m happier. But go re-watch the 2/21/11 vignette again. You clearly see Undertaker through the window, but then on a close-up of his face where you can only see his mouth, there’s a full-face, short beard and an awkward way of holding his lips. Guys, THAT was Shawn Michaels.

  15. dave says:

    I think 2-21-11 might be the echelon of wrestling coming for Taker’s streak like HBK, Sting, HHH, etc…

  16. Joe says:


  17. N. Gaijin says:

    Wow… you kiss a guy on the cheek and somehow… the Khali Kiss Cam is always stupid… but way to single out one innocent segment of the whole thing.

    In any case… tonight’s show was great. Well, parts of it were great anyway. Kind of dumb Punk hits Cena WITH A WRENCH and then he clears the ring with Orton and co. like he wasn’t hit WITH A WRENCH just over an hour ago. I know this is par for the course in regards to Cena, but where’s the need to push him like this? We all know he’s going to win at Elimination Chamber, what’s the point of Superman mode right now >.>. Then Ziggler is AWARDED the Heavyweight title… goddammit. Keep in mind, I’m a big fan of Ziggler’s but just giving him the title like this does nothing for him. So much for WWe actually working to build younger talent :/. The Lumberjill match was as horrible as one might expect. In any case, we got another great DBD v Miz match. Obviously The Rock promo was a terrific way to finish the show, and with the way he called out Miz and Cena, I could def see him reffing their match in a potential setup for Rock v Cena in Miami next year.

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