TNA AGAINST ALL ODDS: Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy (TNA Title)

Feb 13, 2011 - by Adam Martin

TNA Championship: Ladder Match
Mr. Anderson (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

Jeremy Borash did the ring introductions for the challenger Jeff Hardy and champion Mr. Anderson.

Hardy spit in the face of Anderson as the bell rang. Anderson returned with some big right hands. Anderson chases after Hardy on the outside and sends Hardy into a ladder he brought out that is spray painted green and red. Hardy picks up a ladder and Anderson uses it to push Hardy into the side of the ring. Anderson tosses a ladder inside the ring and Hardy recovers giving Anderson a neckbreaker over part of the ladder. Hardy sets up the ladder, climbs and Anderson immediately pushes it over and drops Hardy with a big swinging neckbreaker. Hardy kicks Anderson into the corner and Hardy follows with his jumping dropkick to the chest of Anderson in the corner. Hardy puts the top part of the ladder in the crotch of Anderson and Hardy dropkicks the ladder sending it with force into the crotch of Anderson. Anderson recovers putting the ladder up against the corner and Anderson gives Hardy a russian leg sweep into the ladder. Taz adds, “Someone is sitting at home probably thinking that is a fake ladder. They don’t have a clue.” Anderson grabs a second ladder and sets it up. Anderson is climbing when Hardy recovers, climbs up the other side and punches Anderson. Hardy with a huge sunset flip on Anderson off the ladder. Hardy plants Anderson with a scoop slam and moves a ladder close to the corner. Hardy climbs up the other side, leap frogs over the top and attempts to drop a leg when Anderson moves out of the way. Hardy with a high back body drop sending Anderson back first on top of a ladder. Hardy places a ladder upside down and goes back to work on Anderson with right hands. Anderson fires back with right hands of his own. Hardy sends Anderson into the ring barricade on the outside. Hardy grabbed the ladder he spray painted, tried to launch it at Anderson, but Anderson blocked it and sent it back in the face of Hardy. Hardy responds sending Anderson shoulder first into the steel steps. Anderson is recovering up against the steel barricade. Hardy pulls the steel steps out a bit, backs up, charges, jumps off the steps and connects with a big side kick to the body of Anderson sending him over the barricade into the crowd. Back in the ring, Anderson is able to give Hardy a suplex over the ladder that was setup upside down. Anderson sets up the ladder, climbs, Hardy with a forearm to the back, pulls him down and hits a Twist of Hate. Hardy brings in a second ladder that he spray painted. Hardy goes to pick up Anderson, but Anderson counters, puts Hardy on his shoulders and drops Hardy over the ladder with his flip dive. Anderson goes for a Swanton Bomb, but ends up catching the back of his head on the ladder. Hardy puts two ladders together. Hardy climbs up one. Anderson climbs up the other. Both are exchanging shots. Hardy drops Anderson’s head off the ladder. Hardy reaches up. Anderson pushed the belt away. The belt is swinging. Both reach up and fall at the same time. It looks like they botched the finish. Hardy sets the ladder back up, climbs up and pulls the belt down.

Winner and NEW TNA Champion: Jeff Hardy

After the match, we see a series of replays leading to the finish.

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