Against All Odds Preview & Predictions

Feb 13, 2011 - by Jason Graening

This Sunday TNA presents Against All Odds live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL. The event will feature two title matches among the eight matches scheduled for the card, which is headlined by a TNA World Championship ladder match between Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy. Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett will also square off in a match that has consequences in their personal lives.

– Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy (Ladder Match – TNA World Championship)
– Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett (Special Stipulations)
– Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James (Last Knockout Standing – TNA Knockouts Championship)
– Bully Ray vs. Brother Devon (Street Fight)
– Matt Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam
– D’Angelo Dinero vs. Samoa Joe
– Max Buck vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Robbie E. (#1 Contender to X Division Championship)
– Beer Money & Scott Steiner vs. Rob Terry/Gunner/Murphy

Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy (Ladder Match – TNA World Championship)
Mr. Anderson defeated Matt Morgan last month at Genesis to become the #1 contender to the TNA World Championship. After their match, though, Eric Bischoff immediately booked the title match between Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson, in which Anderson surprisingly defied the odds and came out as champion. Jeff Hardy got a rematch but Fortune turned on their Immortal brethren and cost Hardy the match. Hardy will get another rematch against Anderson in a match he is very comfortable in, a ladder match.

I could potentially see this match go either way. A ladder match is right up Hardy’s alley but due to his personal legal troubles, this could prevent TNA from putting the title on him until his issues are behind him. A win for Anderson could be huge boost for the champion as he would have beaten Hardy in one of his signature matches. One can only hope that if Anderson climb the ladder to retain his championship that he eventually gets rid of the custom belt and reverts back to the original title.

Starman’s Prediction: Mr. Anderson to retain the TNA World Championship.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett (Special Stipulations)
The Kurt Angle/Jeff Jarrett saga has gone a step further as Jarrett’s wife, and Kurt Angle’s ex-wife, Karen Jarrett, made her return to TNA. Jarrett has gotten under Angle’s skin by raising his two children which has gotten Angle to return to the ring to settle their differences. Jarrett has raised the stakes by adding stipulations to the match where if Angle win, he will gain custody of his two children, Kody and Kyra. However, if Jarrett wins, Angle will have to walk Karen Jarrett down the aisle and give away the bride when she and Jarrett renew their wedding vows on March 3rd during Impact.

I’m not too fond of the match stipulation as small children should probably never be used in a situation such as this, even if it is for entertainment purposes. What’s done is done, though, and taking the stipulation into consideration, I can only foresee this match going one way, and that Jarrett getting the win in this one. TNA is already hyping the March 3rd show, which will be taped outside of the Impact Zone, and having Angle give away is ex-wife to his rival will make for better television than Angle gaining custody of his two children.

Starman’s Prediction: Jeff Jarrett to win this grudge match and make Kurt Angle walk Karen Jarrett down the aisle.

Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James (Last Knockout Standing – TNA Knockouts Championship)
Mickie James finally got her shot at the TNA Knockouts Championship last month at Genesis and came up short after being laid out by a loaded glove used by Madison Rayne. Mickie still has her sights set on the championship and will get another shot at the title, and this time it will be decided in a Last Knockout Standing match.

You can pretty much safely say that Madison’s loaded glove will play a deciding roll in this match, but who will be the one that uses it? I feel that there is lengthy chase for the title in Mickie’s cards, so Madison will retain here once again, quite possibly due to some outside interference yet again. This feud will continue for a few more months before we reach the payoff of Mickie winning the Knockouts Championship.

Starman’s Prediction: Madison Rayne to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship.

Bully Ray vs. Brother Devon (Street Fight)
Former tag team partners, Bully Ray and Brother Devon continue their feud and Devon’s two sons have been brought into the equation. Bully Ray added fuel to the fire by spitting water on Devon’s kids while they sat ringside during Impact. The two then helped their father win a tables match when they held Ray on the ring apron while Devon sent his former partner through a table. Due to the interference, Ray challenged all three of them to a street fight where Devon said his kids would take care of business, just like his old man.

Last month, Ray defeated Devon via disqualification after whipping Ray with a chain. The odds are on Devon’s side in this match, but I have a feeling that not everything is as it seems. Knowing TNA’s past history of having family turn on each other, I have a strong suspicion that Devon’s kids will turn on their dad and help Ray win this match, much like we recently saw D’Angelo Dinero’s brother turn on him to help Abyss win a lumberjack match at Turning Point.

Starman’s Prediction: Bully Ray to win the street fight.

Matt Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam
Matt Hardy made his TNA debut last month at Genesis as RVD’s mystery opponent and won his first match with the company. Since then the two have been at it with Hardy costing RVD a victory in a tag team match and RVD attacking Hardy after one of his matches. RVD will finally get to face Hardy in the ring one more time in this speed bump before RVD finally gets his hands on the Hardy that he really wants, Jeff Hardy.

Ring rust could have been a factor, but the match at last month’s pay-per-view between these two was a bit sloppy. One can hope that these two up their game this time around and deliver a better match. I have a feeling that RVD will even the score in this one and defeat the older Hardy brother in this rematch.

Starman’s Prediction: Rob Van Dam to win the rematch.

D’Angelo Dinero vs. Samoa Joe
Someone was following D’Angelo Dinero around with a camcorder and it was revealed that Samoa Joe was the one behind it all. Joe says he has been doing this to expose the Pope for the fraud that he is but Dinero still claims that what he does is for the good of his congregation. Joe has been paying Okada to follow Pope around and the Pope and Joe have crossed paths a few times since then and it usually ends with Joe chasing Dinero around the Impact Zone.

I don’t think I could care any less than I do with this current angle. It’s too bad, too, since Dinero and Joe are two of my favorite wrestlers on the current TNA roster. Yet, somehow, TNA has managed to take two of them and put them in a meaningless angle together. There is a good chance the Okada somehow involves himself in the match and is a deciding factor in the finish. In the end I’ll have to go with the Pope to win this one.

Starman’s Prediction: The Pope to win this match.

Max Buck vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Robbie E. (#1 Contender to X Division Championship)
A series of 3-way matches to determine who will get a chance to become the #1 contender to the X Division Championship. The three winners will now face off at Against All Odds with both members of Generation Me, Max and Jeremy Buck, and Robbie E. all vying for the shot at Kazarian for the X Division Championship.

I hope I’m not the only one who finds it weird that all three of the participants are heels. I don’t think all of the great X Division action in the world will get the crowd in the Impact Zone to cheer for any of these wrestlers. I also hope that this match doesn’t signal a pending split between Generation Me, as that would just be foolish on TNA’s part. Even though GenMe has a distinct advantage in the match, I have to go with Robbie E. as I feel GenMe will prevent the other from winning the match.

Starman’s Prediction: Robbie E. to become the #1 contender to the X Division Championship.

Beer Money & Scott Steiner vs. Rob Terry/Gunner/Murphy
Fortune turned and broke out of Immortal and now Beer Money is paired up with Scott Steiner to take on Rob Terry, Gunner and Murphy. That’s about all there really is to this hashed together match. In another shame, Beer Money is the only members of Fortune actually on the Against All Odds card. Sure, having Fortune revealed as “they” was done on the fly, but they deserve better than this.

This is a perfect example to show how bad of a hit Immortal took when Fortune broke away from them. Rob Terry? Gunner? Murphy? This is worse than the nWo B-team. Hell, Ric Flair recently couldn’t even remember all of their names. I would be shocked to see Immortal win, especially since their opponents are the likes of Beer Money and Scott Steiner.

Starman’s Prediction: Beer Money & Scott Steiner to win this match.

This concludes the Against All Odds preview and predictions. This card doesn’t look great on paper and will probably be even worse as it plays out. It’s surprising, too, since TNA had a good five weeks to set up the matches and a good portion of them are just rematches from last month’s Genesis pay-per-view. The ones that aren’t rematches are so poorly put together that it is hard for fans to get interested and justify putting hard earned money on the event.

I suggest that you save your money and sit this one out. Of course, you could just follow along with the live coverage of Against All Odds on starting at 8PM EST.

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