2/21 FCW: Excuse Me! Results

Feb 13, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

2-12-11: FCW: Excuse Me!: Punta Gorda, FL
Abraham Washington beat Calvin Raines (5:50)
Conor O Brian beat Daniel Sky [?] (6:17)
Trent Barreta, Tito Colon, Monty Lynch & Kenneth Cameron beat Bobby Dutch, Chimaera, Leo Kruger & Jinder Mahal (22:25)
Michael Tarver beat Mike McGrath (8:07)
Aksana & AJ Lee beat Shaul Guerrero & Naomi Night (8:20)
Richie Steamboat beat Peter Orlov [Alex Koslov] (11:34)
Tag Titles: Donny Marlow & Roman Leakee beat Damien Sandow & Titus O Neill {C} [via DQ] (10:05)
Heavyweight Title: Lucky Cannon beat Seth Rollins [Tyler Black] (15:05)

Show Notes: They were only about 20 minutes late this time letting people in.
Vickie Guerrero was there for autographs. And people could get a photo taken with her for $5. First time they charged even the “Golden Circle Ticket Holders” for photos. Vickie came out later to yell at Maxine who was the special guest ref for the Divas Tag & cost her daughter Shaul the match. Vickie pushed Maxine who tripped over Shaul & Vickie counted to three for her daughter. She pretty much played face all night.
Abraham Washington is really jacked!
O’Brian is really playing up the rat gimmick. He won by countout after taking his opponent under the ring & beating him back inside before the count.
Alberto Del Rios ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez pulled double duty. As he compteted in the 8 Man Tag as Chimaera and later on came out with the Tag Champs.
Kruger whos been on the injured list also seems to be back.
Tarver was sporting a “grill” under his mask tonight.
James Bronson accompanied Orlov tonight.
The Tag Team Title match outcome was switched to a DQ after the ref deemed Sandow & O’Neill were cheating. Why was the ref smart in this match & no other?
Alot of the fans including me didnt know Cannon was the new champ. The poster in the middle of the entrance set needs to be updated. It features all 3 champs but none of them any the title holders anymore. Cannon is full heel now. Brett DiBiase accompanied him.

Reported By: Jordan Owens

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