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Undertaker’s Wrestlemania Opponent Revealed with commentary

In a follow up to our previous report, it has now been confirmed by multiple sources that The Undertaker will indeed be facing Triple H in a streak vs. career match at Wrestlemania 27. It’s also been mentioned that Shawn Michaels should be the special guest referee. So apparently millions of fans, including my own dream of Sting going to the WWE is in fact just rumor.

To start of the conversation about this, to me this news is a letdown. Even without Sting, Taker going up against Cena would be better for the company at the moment. Im going out on a limb to say that will happen at WM28 in Miami. There is no way I see Triple H ending the streak, and if he does the WWE will lose a fan. Its been rumored that HHH was going to stick to backstage work, and this continues that.

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  1. Will says:

    Well this just sucks! Triple H…..come WWE cant u do better than Triple H?
    I rather watch paint dry,or even watch TNA wrestling,then see Triple H wrestle again. I was so hoping it would of been Sting.I never buy the WWE pay per views because they are so damn exspensive,but I would’ve bought wrestlemania this year if the stinger was there to wrestle the deadman.

  2. Kieren F. says:

    Should be good TV leading up to the match with the promos these 3 guys could do and seeing HBK be the one who makes the 3 count ending Hunters career.

  3. -Jay- says:

    Well I think Taker and Trips can have a great match, and yes it is a letdown but eh who knows maybe Sting will still show and cost one of them the match…one can hope. We know WWE creative is far from creative these days.

  4. Masked Marauder says:

    It’s a shame Taker hasn’t been healthy. The ideal storyline would have been to bring Sting in around Nov/Dec and let him get 2 clean wins over Taker at PPV. Maybe even release a Sting DVD leading up o WM. If I had to guess why this match isn’t happening, it’s because Sting is afraid WWE is going to make him look like a jobber. This match would do nothing for the legacy of Sting, it’s all about Taker.

  5. Hipnosis says:

    Cena vs Undertaker has GOT to happen

  6. Daniel Schein says:

    This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I’m sorry but how does Undertaker who was buried alive and taken out by Barrett come back and not make it his number one priority to destroy him and his followers?

    As far as Triple H goes same story……Sheamus has been bragging for months about taking him out and ending his career. Now we can argue about having a big match feel but right now Taker and Triple H is about as random and thrown together as they come. Also where does this leave Barrett and Sheamus? WWE has built them up like mad the last year and now there is no big pay off. A Corre vs Nexus heel on heel match feels kind of weak for Wrestlemania and I think the crowd would be indifferent and dead for it. John Morrison has created some magic with Sheamus but they have had many matches now including a hard to top bout at TLC.

    WWE has shown some awful booking for this card first by basically dropping a hot feud with CM Punk and Cena just so he can chase the title. A guy like Cena doesn’t need gold on the line to have a big match feel. Originally I felt John Morrison should have won the Rumble match and challenged The Miz at Mania while Cena would have had his feud capping match with Punk. I still would have done Edge vs Del Rio with him winning a Wrestlemania qualifying Elimination Chamber match while Edge did one last ppv bout against Dolph. Speaking of Dolph I would have had him win the Money In Te Bank match at Wrestlemania and move over to RAW in the Draft.

    Wade Barrett would have gone against Undertaker as they have already set it up and I would still have gone with the long rumored HBK special guest referee scenario as it would have added intrigue. Triple H would have returned and faced Sheamus which again…ALREADY SET UP in a street fight type match with Triple H returning the favor and putting Sheamus over and back on track. Also to save everyone from a weak showcase of stiff big man wrestling between Show and Ezekiel I would have had Big Show lead a team against the remaining Corre members. This is where they could fit in some legends like Kevin Nash, Booker T and maybe Sting if possible teaming with Show along with one young SD star like a Kofi to carry the work load. If nothing else the seeds were planted with Nash and Show at the Rumble and with the reaction he got having Big Daddy Cool on board wouldn’t be a bad thing and again in an eight man tag there is no need for him to deliver a five star match. Filling out The Corre’s team I would have had Kane join them to tie into Barrett helping him bury Undertaker.

    Orton versus Punk is now a done deal and Miz versus Cena also basically a done deal but honestly I’d rather Morrison get the surprise win at the Chamber and Cena go on to face Taker then having them do another Triple vs Taker match. Those two have there matches set up already and WWE needs to hold there ground and have faith in the newer generation of talent. I really hope this doesn’t end up being true. It all feels like a big step back to me.

  7. Rex Anderson says:

    Didnt they already wrestle, at Wrestlemania like 10 years ago?

  8. jlhutton says:

    This isn’t what I had in mind but I guess it makes sense seeing how HHH is stepping away from the ring for good he’s getting buried by the undertaker. But I think it’s a little extreme to say “WWE will lose a fan if taker’s streak is ended.”

    I think the streak ending makes more sense than it going on forever. How many times is he going to come back again anyhow? But as long as there are superstars retiring Taker will have a streak intact.

  9. Stijn says:

    HHH will be revealed as being the mystery GM who put Barrett up to burying the Undertaker thus setting up HHH – Taker. And as for Sheamus, as GM HHH will have a match in store for him as well, a No DQ or cage match or so maybe with Kane, ending the rivalrie between Sheamus and HHH. And Barrett will get Big Show at WM. Just my thoughts and to answer the commentsmade above.
    Oh and by the way, WWE never said Sting was coming in so why so disappointed???

  10. artguy says:

    Masked Marauder hit it on the head. Sting vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27 would do nothing for Sting’s career or legacy. (However it would make Vince happy to crush another WCW star).

    But I think if they did sign Sting, they’d need to book him correctly (which Vince would never do). Have him destroy everyone for a year then have him fight Undertaker at Wrestlemania 28.

    For HHH to come back less than 2 months before Wrestlemania and put his career on the line is meaningless.

    I can’t get excited about any Undertaker match at Mania because he will NEVER lose there. That’s why I never understood how Vince thought he could get Brock for Mania 27. Why would Brock, after losing his UFC title, go to Mania knowing he’d lose. It would make him and his UFC career look like a joke. Sure the payday would be good, but Brock is still young enough to need more money in the future. He can get that payday a few years from now.

  11. kyle kosiba says:

    this would be great but not great i hope shawn michaels screws undertaker and help hhh wins and end taker winning streak at wrestlemaina this year u deff goin 2 order wrestlemania this year

  12. Jason says:

    @Rex Anderson

    Wow this is the first time they’ve repeated matches at WrestleMania??? I didn’t know that they couldn’t repeat something. Didn’t they do Shawn/Taker two years in a row? How much has both characters grown in the last 10 years? Don’t you think this might be a different match than 10 years ago?

    And although I don’t like HHH he is a damn good wrestler and his last match I think he will put it all in there. Maybe makes no sense storyline wise but just wait till you watch the match to judge so much. And Taker/Cena would do nothing for the company at all. Cena is a character and nothing more.

  13. Michael S says:

    I don’t necessarily think this means we wouldn’t be seeing Sting. I can’t see Sting holding out all these years not joining the WWE only to sign up for Wrestlemania to job out to the Undertaker. Wouldn’t make sense.

  14. xLx says:

    Clearly Trips wants to retire, and wants to retire in a big way. Thats the only way this match makes sense.

  15. Fisha695 says:

    I’m kind of happy Sting isn’t coming to the WWE & I’m a huge Sting fan. Sting is the only United States based wrestler in the “Modern Era” to become a world wide legend of the sport without ever working for Vince. That for me as a Sting fan is more important then working for the WWE just to so he can say he worked for the WWE.

  16. ted says:

    Wrestlemania gets worst every year! hahahahahahahah no sting for you wwe marks. TNA TNA TNA

  17. Francisco says:

    Im a fan of sting myself Fisha695 but the reason why it would be good for Sting to come in is because Vince Basically owns his whole Career with the Videos from WCW and i would love to see a Sting DVD set with him on the dvd talking about his Career i would also like to see Sting in the WWE Hall of Fame and on Video Games as well but it’s not gonna happen unless Sting makes that Jump to WWE. Kevin Nash was smart he knows he can make more money with Vince then with TNA Nash probably will get a dvd now and action Figures etc. To me honestly Sting Tarnished his Legacy the Last Few years he’s been in TNA. What would you do keep working in front of the same 1100 people at the Impact Zone or become a Huge global Superstar working with todays WWE Superstars and get the DVD the action figures The Hall of Fame etc? WWE Sting all the way.

  18. JSwisha says:

    I’m a huge Sting fan and I have mixed feelings on Sting working for the WWE. On one hand, Fisha695 stated it perfectly on why it would mean more for Sting not to work for Vince. It is almost comparable to Taker’s streak at WM. Who else can say they never lost at the biggest stage of them all? But who else can say they became a legend in this industry without ever stepping foot in the biggest wrestling organization in the world? That to me is more important in regards to Sting’s legacy.

    However, if the Stinger is going to hang up the boots in the near future then I selfishly want him to go out on top in front of the biggest crowd and on the the biggest stage because he definitely deserves that. And the only place for that to happen is the WWE. Would Vince book Sting properly if he were to finally work for him after all these years? I honestly think he would, but it is Vince and you never truly know. Plus there are other benefits for working with the WWE such as the DVDs and what not.

    It’s all up to Sting though, and I honestly can’t blame him for whatever choice he makes.

  19. TK says:

    wow we cant think of a better story than about something that happend 2 years ago. The Shawn obessed angle was lame in my eyes and there 25 match was way better than there 26 match both were good. But the feel right off the batt to this is a DX gang up to end the streak and finally beat the undertaker shawn couldnt do it so now hhh is going to do it. Thats the feel i get from the whole thing.

    this match already happend btw at 17 it was a great match but to me a new face in the running aganist the undertaker would of been nice. all i can say is Creative better get to work right away. and if the undertaker does lose the streak all i can say is what it will look like and feel like shawn who is retired came back to settle a score and his retirement and speech was all for nothing from a character standpoint and HHH who needed help to end the streak in a DX gang up…thats the feel it will give the fans in that match.

  20. jd says:

    i would love to see sting vs taker but i don’t think thats going to happen because it is going to ber takervs wade barrett and shamus vs hhh

  21. tommy says:

    ands its stupid as carrer vs streak as they have advertised many arenas folr hhh wresgtling more evcents so theres the damn spoiler on that match noone will care on it anyways like all other compliants i qwould order it anyways. and even iof cena vs taker still wouldnt make me buy the crap i could eqasily find it on the internet everywhere or gop to buffalo wiold wiongs for speccaoil dinner arrnagements. but wouldnt pay $60 for that crappy ppv and hall of fame is not live either what a waste hell with that news i might even request to work during the ppv so i would nt have to be bored. hell might even wrestle myself on for all thnat crap since i wrestle there anyways. have olur won free intenet show on
    i didnt watch the su;perbowl cause it was nt worth watching either i requested working that day and got it so either make fans happy or drive them away. i feel thats what wwe is doing nowadays. and tna is a frasud too. i heard they arent paying their guys ontime like ecw did with paul heyman. no wonder sting hasnt came back to tna or wwe.
    show him the money he will make it a show.

  22. Michael S says:

    This year it’ll be HHH retiring. If Toronto gets Wrestlemania the following year after Miami, maybe they’ll do the same storyline with Edge so he can get some rest as well. So does this mean the Undertaker will have to keep dragging his broken-down self to the ring for the next three years?

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