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Note On Smackdown’s Main Event Last Night

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In the peak of the heated championship showdown, Vickie attempted to spear Edge herself, only to hurt her ankle. The Ultimate Opportunist seized the moment and hit the banned Spear on Ziggler two separate times. The Green Bay Packers’ Clay Matthews then charged to the ring as a second Special Guest Referee, making the three-count to secure Edge’s victory. However, the outcome of SmackDown’s main event became unclear when the injured Guerrero waved-off The Rated-R Superstar win. Who is the rightful holder of the World Title?

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  1. Sub Zero says:

    If Edge used the Spear right in front of Vicki, shouldnt he be stripped of the title? If I was booking, I wouldve had Dolph Ziggler put his hands on Clay Matthews, which gets him knocked on his ass and Speared by Matthews himself, allowing Edge to get the pin.

  2. Jovon says:

    Honestly I think the spear was only supposed to happen once but Clay missed his cue. It’d be stupid to have Ziggler hold it for 2 days, unless they plan to make it a Triple Threat at Wrestlemania.

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