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Possible Wrestlemania SPOILER

– PWInsider. com is reporting that Undertaker vs Triple H will take place at Wrestlemania in a career vs streak match with Shawn Michaels as the guest referee.

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  1. Crazy Fraze says:

    I can’t believe that they are selling this whole King Sheamus thing and not capitalizing on a Beautiful Oppurtunity with Triple H. The King of Kings v. King Sheamus? But that would mean Triple H needs to return with the King of Kings music, or it will just make it not fit at all.

  2. xric says:

    Yo i hope they do the sheamus vs triple h match but if they do taker vs tripleh streak vs career and ends triple h’s career well thats it the 11 years ive spent watching wwe is gonna end this year.

  3. Uncle Ray says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but Michael Cole is about the worst person to put behind a mike. And having him on both Raw and Smackdown is too much. When are they going to put that little runt in his place and that is smelling up the MIS’s armpits. That part of the program has run its time and we need to wipe up the puke that comes from his loud mouth. The Undertaker wil be back soon and maybe he can oblige Cole with some dirt to go with the ones from his mouth. Enough said and enough of Cole. And don’t get me started on that fat lady on Smackdown. “EXCUSE ME”. Lets get back to good wrestling that is know to be the base of the WWE.

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