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Jericho talks honestly about Chris Benoit

Alex Marvez interviewed Jericho about his new autobiography, Chris Benoit and more at Jericho gives a stiff analogy on Benoit: “He was one of the best of all time, but I don’t know how you can ever watch a Chris Benoit match and get into it knowing what this man did. I now watch my matches with him with a cold heart. I hate to say it, but it’s almost like listening to a Charles Manson album. The guy was a talented writer and singer, but is that really what you want to listen to?”

(thanks to Mike Aldren)

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  1. Cody T. says:

    Well Jericho I’ll tell you how to get into watching the match, sit there and enjoy perfection

  2. Nick says:

    Yep, I pretty much agree with everything Jericho just said there. I loved me some Chris Benoit wrestling matches, but now I can’t even watch them. I don’t see how anyone can sit back and enjoy a great wrestling match… when you know the person that’s excelling at the wrestling killed his wife and kid.

  3. Steve says:

    I feel the exact same way. It’s a damn shame. Anyone who murders a child is the lowest of low in my book. If they are the parent that is undathomable. Is a parent I can’t even imagine. People talk about not worrying about what he did when watching the matches but like Jericho it’s all I can think about.

  4. JLM says:

    I gotta agree, my favorite match of all time was the ladder match at Starrcade 99 between Benoit and Jarrett, I have a hard time watching it now. I will never take away from Benoit, his talent or the championships he earned. But unfortunately his greatness must now rest in my past.

  5. Jose says:

    Benoit was one of my all time favorites. But now when I think of him, I block out his face.

  6. Jake A. says:

    It sucks that Benoit gets so much flak from people :( I said it when he committed the murders and I’ll still say it now – I fondly remember the 20 year wrestler and not the 2 day murderer. He was obviously sick and I feel more sorry for him and his family with the scenario that went down than I do feel angry or hurt by it all.

    Benoit was a great wrestler and entertainer and I will always watch his matches with a smile on face, remembering better times

  7. Sir says:

    I can watch his matches without thinking of the brutal deeds, even when he locks on the crossface.

    Not an issue for me

  8. Jay says:

    Jericho’s entitled to his opinion but at the end of the day Benoit was as much a victim of those tragic events as his family. The guy had extensive brain damage. NO WAY was the Benoit who committed those crimes the same Benoit with the massive heart who cried on camera for owen, stu and eddie.

    Just my opinion. Benoit had lost his mind, they compared his brain to that an 85 year old who has alzheimers. What a shame people can’t distinguish this tragedy from some horror movie

  9. Mr. C.C. says:

    Majority of these people can’t separate personal and professional wrestling life of Chris Benoit. It’s sad that they can’t and they need to because even though the “act” of what he did is not related to wrestling, the chair shots and various other head trauma is. In the end people are going to look at him negatively when his brain was so messed up that it resembled an 85 year old Alzheimer’s patient. You need to realize that Chris Benoit was a great wrestler, but will never be viewed in the same light ever again due to what happened. I can watch a Chris Benoit match no problem because unlike majority of you, I can separate personal and professional life of Chris Benoit.

  10. Bob says:

    Chris benoit was my favirote wrestler of all time and got me into wrestling. Its just kinda hard for me to watch my favorite match of his at wm20 when his family comes to the ring

  11. Mark says:

    I do feel a bit uneasy when I watch his matches. I just don’t find it that easy to say “I can ignore what he did and just watch the wrestling”. You can’t take away the fact that he was super talented, but he did commit the worst crime imaginable.
    I also don’t think it’s fair for people to criticise Jericho for not being able to watch the matches because we didn’t know the guy as a person. Jericho considered Benoit a friend for years, so for him to watch the guy he considered a friend, knowing the atrocity of what he did, it must be really tough to think fondly of the memories.

  12. Hipnosis says:

    I simply Remember Benoit as a great wrestler. What he did was terrible and his Family didn’t deserve it but in the ring watching classic matches with him it reminds me of better times. The Benoit after that is a person I never knew and I’m glad he’s gone but I miss the man I thought I knew all these years that inspired me so much.

  13. N. Gaijin says:

    First off, I’m glad to see an article with so many comments and not a one of them smacks of “flame war”. It’s good to have a discussion about a subject so divisive be handled without people getting angry or stepping on any toes.

    In any case, as a HUGE Benoit mark, I still have to agree with the comments of Jericho and many other people on this article. Even with the excuse of mental illness, it’s hard to enjoy a Benoit match like I used to. Hell, I still have the “Hard Knocks” DVD and haven’t watched it since that day. I still cringe when I see his picture online. It’s not as if I hate Benoit for what he did, and I still, of course, respect his wrestling legacy. I just can’t mark out for him like I used to – it just doesn’t feel right. Sad to say, I believe Jericho’s “stiff analogy” is very much accurate about my own feelings.

  14. raven12516 says:

    Just putting this out here… there’s a rumor going around that Kevin Sullivan MAY have been involved in this whole thing.

  15. Mike says:

    i agree, jericho can not ignore the personal side, because he had one with benoit. and by the way having the brain of an 85 year old does not excuse murderer. it’s a very sad story and you might feel sorry for benoit believing that killing his wife and son is the only way out of…whatever. but when it comes to honoring a person, you can’t ignore the PERSONal life. imo benoit should never be honored, as sad as it is and as hell of a wrestler he was.

  16. aag770 says:

    I think that the way I end up getting through the matches is that I just convince myself that I’m watching Chris Benoit the gimmick and not Chris Benoit the real person. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to stand it either.

    And even then, every once in a while both during and after the match the thought of what he did to his family still surfaces…

  17. Daniel Schein says:

    I look at it this way….it takes two people (generally speaking) to have a great match. What Benoit did was unspeakable but I don’t think erasing him from history is the answer. Now I don’t think his name or image should directly be used to sell merchandise but I also don’t think you should ban all his matches. If WWE were to put out a best of Dean Malenko dvd I don’t think it would be fair to let some of his better work be lost because of what Benoit did.

    Some of you may or may not know the name of Victor Salva…..he is a director most known for the film Powder and Jeepers Creepers. He was at one point convicted of engaging in inappropriate sexual acts with a minor… naturally there is a dark cloud hovering over his work but again it takes hundreds of people to make a Hollywood film so should we boycott it because of the actions of one man? I mean what if an extra on Avatar murdered his wife….would you boycott the film? I don’t quite get why the wrestling world feels they have to go about things this way.

  18. jacob says:

    That’s the thing though about Benoit, he was so damn talented in the ring that he made you suspend disbelief that what you were watching was real. I get lost in the beautiful art that was his legacy in the ring rather than dwell on what he did personally. That said, one of my most prized possessions is an autographed Chris Benoit 8×10 of his holding the World Title that I used to display because of how proud I was of it, but I’ve since tucked it away in a binder as it’s hard to be so proud of something that came from someone that did what he did.

    My admiration for Chris Benoit is like the Festus gimmick, it runs heavy from the moment the first bells rings to the point where the second bell rings and it ends there.

  19. Jay says:

    i don’t even think it’s about seperating benoit the performer from benoit the man. let’s keep seperate who benoit REALLY was from the irrational maybe psychotic brain damage victim he became.

    The true Chris Benoit was sadly gone before whatever remained of him committed those crimes.

  20. Steve Urso says:

    Comparing Benoit to Manson is a little much.

    Benoit was one of the most gifted wrestlers ever.
    Believe it or not, some of us can separate the wrestler from the the person who committed those horrible acts.

    Anyway, “FOZZY” is more of an abomination that what Benoit did.

  21. Triple P says:

    Folks, I am going to try to keep this as short as possible, but I already know I am going to fail in this respect.

    I am not here to step on anyone’s toes. We all have rights to our own opinions, however none of us have the right to judge. First of all, nobody truly knows what happened that night other than the Benoits and God.

    I still have faith that Chris Benoit is innocent and that he was set up to look like he killed his family. Now again this is my personal opinion, I have no proof that my info is true or not. Here is my argument of the whole situation.

    As Raven12516 has said, there are definite suspicions that Kevin Sullivan may have been involved, now before anyone jumps the gun and accuses me of libel and slander, this is only an opinion. I am not saying that he is guilty or not. But it would make a lot a sense to me if he some how arranged for the death of the Benoits, Kevin Sullivan would be my highest suspect since he was Nancy’s husband before Chris Benoit and Nancy Sullivan fell in love.

    I believe Kevin Sullivan is either an Italian or Sicilian name, and because it appears that way, there is a possibility that he has mafia connections. The police or law enforcement officials who worked the Benoit case might have already had a negative mentality on pro wrestlers and simply stated it as an open and shut case to the effect of something like….”Pro wrestler had a steroid rage, its an open and shut case Johnson”.

    But the fact is all three Benoits died at separate time periods. The death of Nancy and her child were not at the same time. It would make no sense for roid rage to span out over 8 hours apart. Both of them should of been killed around the same time. And Chris Benoit’s “supposed” suicide occurred on a different day all together.

    Here’s the scenario folks, what if the mafia broke in and killed Nancy first, then kept watch of the kid for a little while then decide to kill him. And when Chris Benoit was not getting any response from either his wife or child, he decides to go home and check on them……where there is an ambush waiting for him. Then it would take however many of the assailants possible to having it look like a suicide by having Chris hung from his own exercise equipment, which I find very doubtful that he could have hung himself in this manner without some assistance.

    If any of you saw the movie RED and the guy that Bruce Willis was fighting had his first scene in the movie was him doing his “job” that he was contracted from the “Agency” to kill some guy and make it look like a suicide. What if that scenario is what happened to Chris Benoit only more elaborate?

    The police and people involed with the case and autopsy did not provide enough details in my opinion, I do not recall reading if anyone had dusted for fingerprints or saw any signs of anything being out of the ordinary or foul play. What if the police figured out that the mafia was involved but were too scared to say anything about it for fear of retaliation coming against them and their families?

    Folks, before you think I am some crazy conspiracist theory guy, I just want to remind you that it just does not add up the way Chris Benoit was as a stand up guy and caring individual that talked to fans and was very approachable and humble, and then could do something out of the ordinary and kill his family in the summer of 2007. It just does not add up.

    I read Chris Jericho’s statement above, and find it saddening that he knew the man for a long time and knew what a good human being he has been, and now he thinks Chris is guilty and is ashamed of all the times he has worked with him?

    I am sorry, but people know people, and Chris Jericho spent a lot of time with Benoit over the years. He even said on Larry King Live the statement, “Out of all the people I know that could be capable of this, Chris Benoit would have been the last guy on my list to do any thing like this.”

    Chris Benoit wore his heart on his sleeve. I, myself, do not think he was guilty of anything other than having the steroids (possibly). Even though now he is dead, I still see him as I did before the summer of 2007.

    The only thing that I cannot account for in this whole conspiracy is the steroids found in his home. So I admit that that was the most shocking thing to my intellect, the murders were not shocking because I don’t believe he did it, but the steroids and the prescriptions and the doctor. That’s where things get tricky for me and I have no answer to that.

    Before the summer of 2007, I always had believed that Chris Benoit was a natural, steroid-free athlete. But I did notice that shortly after 2004 his hair-line began to recede. But I just assumed genetics from his mother’s paternal father’s side, so I may be wrong on that aspect.

    Maybe the steroids, prescriptions, and the doctor were planted; and maybe I am completely wrong about this whole situation. And maybe he actually did do this entire mess of killing his family and himself.

    All I know folks is that the truth is only known by the Benoits themselves and God Almighty.

    So from here on out, I am tired of hearing people talk about the dead. There is not going to be a court case over this to prove if Chris Benoit is innocent or guilty, but none of us know the truth of what actually happened that night. None of us saw what happened, there is no video tape (that is known of) that show Chris Benoit doing all of this, there is no concrete proof in my mind that Benoit is guilty or not.

    Folks, let us all just let the dead rest in peace and have no more snide comments of if he is guilty or not. We are not judges, none of us have the right to judge Chris Benoit. That is totally up to his creator to decide on if he is going through the pearly gates of Heaven or through the bowels of hell.

    Final statement, I just want to say once more that all of this is just my personal opinion and I am not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings or falsely accuse anyone of foul play. It is just an opinion and it is my right as a proud disabled veteran of this great United States to be able to use the right to free speech.

    To Chris Benoit, I will never stop being inspired by your matches or your accomplishments in life. I grew up striving to be like you, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, and Owen Hart. You have all been influential in my highschool and college wrestling. If you are innocent Chris, then I hope you have not had to hear all this bularky of people talking bad about you. For I definitely know what it is like to be falsely accused of doing something when you are completely innocent.

    And if you are guilty of killing your wife and son, then may God have mercy on your soul. For there are certainly not a whole lot of people here on earth still alive that would be merciful to you after those deeds. Including myself if I found concrete proof that you are guilty.


    Triple P.

  22. first of all i wanna say that this whole situation was poorly investigated and at the very least the case needs to be reopened if for no other reason but to tie up some loose ends. there are in fact signs that benoit may have been murdered and what’s worse is that there is a possibility that whoever killed benoit was involved in the death of several other wrestlers. i can watch benoit wrestle all day because of his dedication to his trade. compare almost any match during his day to almost any match today in the wwe there’s no comparison. i think he loved his family and respected the business too much to do something like this however if he did it was likely the result of severe brain damage in which case i seriously doubt he knew what he was doing or even who he was in other words the lights were on but no one was home. my email is if anyone would like to discuss this situation further i would love to talk t o you.

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