Update on Undertaker’s Wrestlemania opponent

Feb 9, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

As Chris Johnson noted earlier, the planned Undertaker vs. Wade Barrett match for Wrestlemania is off the table. The Undertaker’s match is still slated to headline Wrestlemania, and will reportedly involve Shawn Michaels in some capacity – but obviously not in a wrestling role, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. This won’t involve Brock Lesnar as Vince McMahon once hoped, but it is unclear who the new opponent for The Undertaker will be, but it expected that the match will be a big draw in selling the show. Undertaker has stepped up his rehab in Birmingham, and is on course to return to the ring at Wrestlemania.

As far as Sting is concerned, he is not talking to anyone about his status or future and is said not to be communicating with the TNA office – thus the reason his profile was removed from TNA’s web site.

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