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Planned Wrestlemania match canceled?

– Bryan Alvarez is reporting that the planned Wrestlemania match between Wade Barrett and Undertaker has been scrapped and a new direction is being worked out currently for Taker upon his return.

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  1. Daniel Schein says:

    Well let the speculation begin if this is true. Honestly I don’t see how Taker wrestles anyone but Barrett at this point. The storyline of him being buried and taken out has to be resolved. Another match with Kane is about as dull a direction as they could possibly go in so really Barrett is the only choice. One supposed inside report also mentioned Ezekiel Jackson but he’s still a bit of a stiff and there is no reason to have Taker waste one of his last Mania appearances on him.

  2. TK says:

    every year alot of names are thrown around for the undertaker…triple HHH Wade Kane Jackson And Now even Sting. Im a Huge undertaker fan but at the same time im a realist. even though it sounds like taker will be ready for Wm….he still might not make it.And there goes your 1 of 3 Wm main events. But thats the price you pay sometimes for being a Wrestler. If they want something different and someting to steal the show and bring the house down hard to follow Sting is the choice. it be a good match a dream match but Sting losing his first wwe match if it were his first is a slap in the face to sting. Even though the streak should stay intact it dosent make sense to do that.

    dan you make sense from a story point of view it falls into place with Wade but..if there scrapping it it HAS to be Huge will the Undertaker deliver YES will his challenger I Hope will creative Step up to the plate I PRAY….there might be one last possible that might work that be different and fun and no one has mentiond….TED DIBIASE

  3. Taylor says:

    I think WWE is going to swerve us and Cena wont win the Elimination Chamber and it’ll be Cena/Taker

  4. Daniel Schein says:

    Although I suspect it was just casual talk people mentioned Dibiase being the one to end the streak a couple years ago. Right now no way he even get’s to do the job at Mania. Dibiase has zero momentum right now and that will only change when they have him drop Maryse and end his losing streak which I don’t see happening until after Mania. I like Dibiase but at the moment he feels very generic to me. At the moment he’s not too high on my list of superstars to push. What I would do is a similar storyline going back to DDP in WCW before his big push where he went broke and lost everything before making a big comeback. That’s another post for another website…..

    Back to Taker there are young stars on the rise that would be great Mania opponents for him such as Dolph Ziggler, Drew Mcintyre, and John Morrison….the latter being one guy who could recreate the magic he had with HBK and dare I say surpass it but this year if it’s to be an up and comer it simply has to be Barrett or a Tag match taking on The Corre. One possibility I could see is if Jericho returns to lead The Corre and they tie it into these cryptic videos. Y2J is definitely not finished with WWE and is a high profile opponent Taker has never faced at Wrestlemania……still even then there is a logic problem as it would make more sense for Jericho to return and go after Randy Orton as he took him out.

    I had planned to go a totally different direction with the Wrestlemania card myself which I posted more about elsewhere on IMDB but in a nutshell I was going to book John Morrison to win the Rumble and go to Mania to challenge Miz for the title. Cena would have had his feud with CM Punk culminate in a match and I feel it was really lame just writing that off and having Orton take Cena’s place. Cena doesn’t need his match to be for the gold to have a big time feel. Morrison could have finally had his big moment with all the momentum he has built up lately. Alberto Del Rio has big money written all over him and I still would have built to him taking on Edge but I feel things happened a tad fast with him winning the Rumble only because fans who really only watch RAW were just becoming accustomed to him so for those fans his winning might have come off as lame.

    Assuming Jericho is coming back I would have gone with the logical choice and had him challenge Orton as the feud is already set up. If not Dolph Ziggler would have been a good inter brand feud but Ziggler would have won Money In The Bank and moved over to RAW for a top heel run after the Draft if I were booking it. Taker would go one on one with Barrett as there is just no escaping that IMO…..not an insult at all I think it will be a good match. “If” Sting is in the picture I would have had Jackson and the remaining Corre members along with Kane to tie into the original attack and deal made with Barrett and then Nexus to bury Taker alive vs Big Show, Kevin Nash, Sting, and perhaps Rey Mysterio or Kofi Kingston to carry the match. It would have had star power and a good way to involve Sting in a major storyline and join forces with Taker which would be a really neat pairing especially for longtime fans.

    I go into full detail elsewhere on my booking through The EC Chamber, The Mania card, and The Draft.

  5. Craig says:

    Ted Dibiase? you mean the guy who has been owned by King for the last two weeks? Been treated like rubbish by Maryse? Hasn’t even won a match lately? God you have a wicked sense of humour.

  6. Danny says:

    Taker vs. Sting with a Corre run-in to prevent a clean finish…maybe even tease that Sting is leading Corre since they have no definitive leader???

  7. Jake says:

    Undertaker’s opponent? One word…GOLDBERG!!!

  8. advo319 says:


  9. GGG says:

    My opponent to pick for Undertaker is Triple H because if you remember last year Undertaker stated he wanted his streak to end at this years Wrestlemania and what better opponent for him then Triple H because then again if you recall in an interview a few years back he said if he can pick any opponent to beat him at Wrestlemania would be Triple H but you also have to remember that Shawn Michaels has never beat him at Wrestlemania and if they throw him in as the ref and then hit Undertaker with Sweet Chin Music and then a Pedigree by Triple H and his streak ends and Undertaker retires he also stated before that he does not want his winning streak to become bigger than the Wrestlemania event itself after Triple H beats Undertaker at Wrestlemania don’t be suprised to see Sheamus come and beat on Undertaker after he is beaten which would lead to a fued between Triple H and Sheamus because Triple H respects Undertaker and so does Shawn Michaels and they will make the save for Undertaker and then Undertaker would thank them and Undertaker retires and Sheamus vs Triple H at the next pay-perview because of Sheamus putting him out for almost a year and respect for Undertaker

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