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Sting-TNA Update

Sting is no longer listed on TNA Wrestling roster page.

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  1. -Jay- says:

    Cool, perhaps it means Sting to WWE OR swerve by TNA.

  2. Rob Roy says:

    Interesting… Great ‘update’

  3. PK says:


  4. Kerry says:

    Retirement at last.

  5. Ian says:

    02/21/11 is Undertaker based on last nights vignette on RAW

  6. DJ Reign says:

    If you watched the 2•21•11 promo last night on Raw if you listen to the Johnny Cash lyrics it mentions the word “buried”. Last time Taker was seen was him being buried alive vs Kane in which the old nexus attacked him

  7. Daniel says:

    Why would that make sense? Taker is a Smackdown guy. Why would he be returning to Raw? Besides that, you could clearly tell that that isn’t Taker.

  8. Michele says:

    And so the drama continues.

    I agree that it is the Undertaker based on last nights clip as well. It says that no grave can keep him down. That points to UT in my book.

  9. cold says:

    2/21/11 could be a swerve by WWE, they are blatantly advertising his return in the markets local to those weeks events.

    Maybe Sting shows up using the undertakers theme and likeness just to stir the pot before Wrestlemania? remember how Shawn Michaels did that 2 years ago.

    He’s beaten everyone in the biz except sting, what better way for both of them to go out than at Wrestlemania

  10. Sir says:

    it’s definitely Undertaker! They removed all the mystique by slapping that Cash song on the top…

    Only two things are happening with Sting. He’s retired or it’s a TNA swerve-job. WrestleMania is going to be so disappointing this year!

  11. GrimMasterT says:

    ……”buried” could also mean pretty much how his career was tarnished working for the “b” company…..

  12. The One You H8 to Love says:

    Okay, for the las week or so, I have been saying that the “2/21/11” promo is either, Tyler Balck or Mistico, but a few things about the promo from last night stood out at me… @Dj Reign, your right the word “buried” did come up and of course given the last time we saw Taker (and of course his whole gimmick also says the same)he was buried alive, by Kane/Nexus 1.0 and @ Daniel you bring up a good point also…Taker is a SD guy, so what’s he have to do with RAW. 1) it’s obvious that figure has a drak gimmick and well Taker and Sting stand out automatically, but if you look at the boots, it don’t seem like Taker or Sting style. Sure may not stand out but the looked weird. 2) Its not a strech to have Taker return and take out all member of the Nexus and then the Corre…its WWE not a strech at all. Could this be a new guy or a repackage of an old guy….could it be Diesel? Who knows…

  13. Chris says:

    U all realize this is the same cash song they played 4 taker at mania, just listen to Meltzer and realize its taker. I think if they signed Sting theyre gonna make it a shocker

  14. Dr. Pym says:

    And working for the goof-ball league won’t tarnish his career? I cringe at the thought of Sting having to be in the ring with such lackluster “talent” like Orton, Cena, The goofy Irish guy, and many others.

  15. Larry Bigby says:


  16. N. Gaijin says:


    I really thought the vignette Monday would’ve squashed all the Sting rumors >.>.

    I don’t really know what the hell TNA is doing making this edit so conveniently close to all the 2/21/11 hype. If this is a swerve… it’s really, really, really stupid. I mean seriously, what the hell? Either TNA has bought into this stupid internet rumor, or they’re trying to capitalize on it somehow by allowing fans to believe that possibly WWe has signed Sting while in actuality THEY did? @.@ None of this makes sense. Of course, we could simply take this at face value and accept that this is just him taking more time off (I don’t see the Stinger retiring just yet, he should have one more big match to end it all on).

    As for the 2/21/11 video… just look at what Chris said – this is the same song they used for the second Taker/HBK WM match. Yeah, Taker is a Smackdown guy, but who knows, we’ve been having RAW guys on Smackdown and vice-versa for awhile now. How is Taker being on RAW less believable than Sting being in WWe? >,<

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