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from Kevin:

Saturday night February 5th, NWS returned to the Edison, NJ area for their annual show at the St. Matthews School & Parish Gym. The original forecast of snow had threatened to keep the crowd away, but with it turning out to be just rain, a decent crowd turned out to the warm confines of the gym for some hot wrestling action.

* The opening contest was a ten-man battle royal, with the winner to face a mystery opponent later that night. The first nine participants introduced were Ryan Angus, Jeff “Cannonball” Guerrero, Snake-Eyez, “The White Urkel” B. Fehrm, Steve “The Little Gipper” Gipke, “Corrupted” Corey Havoc, “Tough” Tony Scorace, “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smoothie, and Bobby Youngblood. Ring announcer Johnny Falco only had nine names on his list, so Commissioner Gino Moore invited St. Matthews Athletic Director Darren Venture to be the tenth man. Venture initially declined, but J.D. Smoothie threw popcorn into Darren’s face, which prompted Darren to chase him to the ring. The battle royal began, and from the beginning J.D. Smoothie and Corey Havoc worked together to attack and eliminate Darren Venture, and then hung back and watched the other participants do all the work. But the other seven remaining men eventually noticed, and simultaneously attacked Havoc and Smoothie. The two fought off the attack, with Havoc eliminating Ryan Angus. Steve Gipke and Tony Scorace were brawling with each other, continuing their seemingly endless feud, and even when they were both eliminated by Jeff Guerrero, they kept brawling outside the ring. Bobby Youngblood eliminated Snake-Eyez, but then was himself eliminated by JeffGuerrero. Havoc and Smoothie eliminated B. Fehrm, leaving Guerrero alone against Havoc and Smoothie. Despite a valiant effort by Guerrero who was egged on by the cheering crowd, Smoothie drop-kicked him out of the ring, leaving just him and Havoc. At that point, Smoothie and Havoc would not fight each other and insisted on being declared the co-winners, and said it would not be fair for the two of them to face one mystery opponent. Commissioner Moore then went in the back, and came out saying that he had found a solution: Both Havoc and Smoothie would face two mystery opponents in a tag-team match, and those opponents were revealed as Ra-Fu and La-Fu, the undefeated Nigerian Nightmares! Commissioner Moore also announced that Darren Venture would be the special guest referee for that match.

* NWS Tag-Team Champions The Jersey Shore Jocks (Mike Dennis & Chris D’Andrea) retained their titles against the team known as Hot And Dangerous (“Too Hot” Steve Scott & Nick Talent). Scott and Talent tried to get the early advantage by jumping the Jocks as they came through the curtain, but the referees quickly got the match back in the ring, where it was a back and forth battle until The Jocks finally took control and finished off Scott and Talent with double “Coast To Coast” flying splashes across the ring for the 1-2-3 victory.

* In a one-on-one match, former ECW TV star The Zombie defeated the Dazzling Divine. The unpredictable styles of both participants kept one another, and the audience, guessing for most of the match, until the veteran Zombie prevailed,finishing Divine off with an overhead press into a diamond cutter for the 1-2-3.

* In another one-on-one match, “The Retro Rocker” Ricky Roxx defeated luchador Manuel Manny Moore. Roxx dedicated the match to his father who had passed away over the holidays, and had inspired him to be a wrestler. The two men fought an even high-flying and hard-hitting battle inside and outside the ring, and in what many considered an upset, the rookie Roxx survived a piledriver from Moore and nailed him with a superkick to pin the veteran 1-2-3.

* In a tag-team match signed earlier in the evening, The Nigerian Nightmares (Ra-Fu & La-Fu) defeated the team of “Corrupted” Corey Havoc & “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smoothie, with St. Matthews Athletic Director Darren Venture as guest referee. Havoc and Smoothie were initially severely out-powered by The Nightmares, but by attacking their knees and double-teaming them, they were able to keep the match even for a short time. But after causing the Nightmares to both miss avalanches in the corners, Smoothie and Havoc turned their attention to Darren Venture and tried to take him out too, But Darren ducked out of the way of their attack, leaving Smoothie and Havoc to be crushed together by a Nigerian Sandwich, Havoc was then flattened by a double splash from the Nightmares and pinned 1-2-3.

* In another matchup of high fliers, Jumping Joey Janela (with “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans in his corner as “career advisor”) defeated The Jersey Kidd. The Jersey Kidd surprisingly kept pace with the veteran former cruiserweight champion Janela, and towards the end looked poised to get the victory after hitting a Tornado DDT out of the corner on Janela, but Oceans pulled on the referee’s foot to break up the three-count. The Kidd then took down Janela again with a flying cross-body off the top rope, but Oceans distracted the referee once again, and when The Kidd went after Oceans, Janela snuck up from behind and rolled him up with a schoolboy and a handful of tights to get the 1-2-3. Commissioner Moore was furious that the referee allowed himself to get distracted like that, but couldn’t change the decision, but instead announced that next month in Old Bridge, NJ, The Kidd would face Nicky Oceans one-on-one, and Oceans’ NWS Junior Heavyweight Title would be on the line.

* In the Main Event, former ECW hardcore icon “the homicidal suicial genocidal” Sabu defeated NWS Junior Heavyweight Champion “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans and Combat Zone Wrestling star Spyral in a three-way “Loser Gets Put Through A Door” Match. With Sabu and doors in the mix, this was pretty much an anything-goes match from the start. Oceans and Spyral initially had the idea to team up against the veteran Sabu, but this being every man for himself, once Sabu was down the two of them went after each other, and Sabu took advantage. Besides the wooden doors themselves, chairs were flying aplenty both inside and outside the ring. The first door brought into play was cracked and smashed by repeated glancing blows from the wrestlers, so much so that it was ruled no good as a challenge to smash an opponent through. A second door was eventually brought into play, and Sabu placed it on top of two chairs, threw Spyral out of the ring, then placed Oceans on top of the door and leaped onto him from the top rope, smashing Oceans through the door and earning the victory, and sending the crowd home happy.

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