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I arrived late but did hear them mention something about Jeff and Karen Angle renewing their vows on the 3/3 episode of Impact.

They hold a contract signing for Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett for Against All Odds. Jarrett and Karen come out and cut a promo on Angle. Angle comes out but their is a row of security between the two parties. Before the contract signing, Jarrett adds a stipulation if Angle wins, he gets custody of The Angles’ two children but if Jarrett wins, Kurt has to give Karen away to Jarrett at the wedding. Angle signs the contract and leaves.

*TNA Knockouts champ Madison Rayne & Tara & Sarita & Rosita (Divina Fly in her official TV debut) defeated The Beautiful People & Winter & Mickie James. Rayne and James went back and forth on the mic and Rayne said that after she beats James at the PPV, James might want to think about quitting and James reacted like she was.

*Kurt Angle comes into Fortune’s locker room and says that he wishes he was the one who had a shot at Jeff Hardy and Jeff Jarrett tonight, so Robert Roode pulls himself out of a tag match and later its Angle and AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarett and Jeff Hardy.

*TNA champ Ken Anderson defeated Matt Morgan. Jeff Hardy came out and watched the match from the top of a ladder. There was a ref bump and Hernandez returned, attacking Matt Morgan out of vengeance for what Morgan did to him months and months ago. That allowed Anderson to get the win but Hernandez then attacked him and laid him out, which set up Hardy hitting the swanton off the top of the ladder.

*Robbie E defeated Brian Kendrick and Suicide to qualify for the X-Division championship at Against All Odds.

*AJ Styles & Kurt Angle defeated Jeff Jarrett & Jeff Hardy after Styles pinned Jarrett with a top rope elbow. The heels attack the winners and Hardy and Styles are laid out with The Stroke. This sets off a series of run-ins as Fortune hits the ring, followed by Immortal, then Rob Van Dam and finally Ken Anderson to run off Immortal.

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  1. zelix says:


  2. Blazenwing says:

    It feels like a good 75-80% of Impacts end with mass fighting inside the ring. It takes the impact out of the group beatdown (no pun intended) if they overuse it.

  3. Jose says:

    so, it’s basically the Young Bucks v. Robbie E.? Terrible, terrible idea!

  4. Dean Gaffney says:

    “HARDY and Styles are laid out with The Stroke” … Huh?

    Seriously, whoever writes these write-ups is a retard.

  5. tone da tigga says:

    Hernadez returns im looking forward to watching…

  6. Stephan says:

    tna sucks now jeff hardy go back wwe thats truth right there

  7. Adam says:

    Hey Dean, geez man, give the person a break…you knew what they meant. How uptight ya gotta be? And the term retard is offensive dude. Certainly there’s more important stuff for you to get upset about?

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