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Tentative matches for Wrestlemania 27

As of the weekend, these are the tentative matches for Wrestlemania 27:

* WWE championship: The Miz vs. John Cena

* World Heavyweight title: Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio

* Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

* Sheamus vs. Triple H

* Undertaker vs. Wade Barrett
(note: if Undertaker is unable to do a singles match, there is talk of booking Undertaker and Kane vs. The Corre)

* Michael McGillicutty, Mason Ryan and David Otunga vs. Justin Gabriel, Ezekial Jackson, and Health Slater

* Jerry Lawler vs. ? (could be against Alex Riley, with the stip that if “The King” wins, he gets five minutes with Michael Cole)

source: Dave Meltzer

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  1. RS says:

    Or better yet, Morrison wins at the Chamber to face Miz, and then Orton and Cena team up against New Nexus.

  2. Tommy B. says:

    I hope they reconsider having Miz hold the title until WM.He’s just not a WrestleMania main eventer yet.

  3. Taberif says:

    so kane kills his brother, and now undertaker is alive again and they are suddenly buddies…

  4. Eezel says:

    lol taberif r u dumb? its a show kane never killed undertaker

  5. Anshul says:

    john cena gonna win the wwe championship match

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