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SPOILER: TNA scrambles for a new direction in the wake of recent events

With the planned return of the Main Event Mafia in the works for weeks, TNA creative was forced to call an audible at last night’s Impact tapings in Orlando, FL. New ideas were quickly drawn up Sunday night once former Main Event Mafia members Kevin Nash and Booker T returned to WWE to be surprise entrants in the Royal Rumble match. Without Sting, Booker T, and Nash, the Mafia was merged with Fortune. There is an internal feeling Kevin Nash screwed them, as TNA was led to the planned return date of the Main Event Mafia. In fact, some now believe Nash did this intentionally to get back at TNA because of the way he felt the company had treated him. There were originally plans for AJ Styles to go babyface, but the fortune turn wasn’t planned until Sunday night.

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  1. Adam Bockler says:

    I know that their plans got screwed up, but as a fan, it’s really hard to buy into the characters when they turn heel or babyface every year.

  2. reyo says:

    They need to start out by making Styles their main baby face for as long as he’s with TNA.

  3. Ian says:

    I like Styles as a face but wish Beer Money and Kaz had stayed heel…wish they would have brought Hernandez back and Daniels or something to go along with Steiner, Angle, Morgan and Crimson…push the young talent with a couple of big name established guys there as well.

    But like others have said they shouldn’t plan things without having all the pieces locked up.

  4. cold says:

    TNA shouldve had a plan b,
    They could’ve put Angle, Steiner, Samoa Joe, Matt Morgan, & AJ Styles or J. Lethal together as the MAFIA, left The Remains of Fortune in Immortal with the Addition of the POPE. Maybe bring in sting a few weeks later. this aint rocket science.

    MEM = Angle, AJ, Morgan, Joe, Lethal, Crimson, RVD, Dreamer, Anderson?

    IMMORTAL = Hardy’s, Jarrett, Beer Money, Kazarian, Pope?

  5. Agent Cooper says:

    I actually find Styles to be much better as a heel. He’s really grown in that role and developed a personality, something he was lacking in his first few years with the company.

  6. Zack says:

    Looks like the REAL Mafia is arriving in WWE…Booker T, Kevin Nash, & Sting are coming home to where they belong!

  7. Tim says:

    Why is it TNA gets made fun of for using older guys but WWE gets praised for it?

    BTW, if Sting has signed to wrestle with WWE, they’ll bury him faster than the Nexus managed by Punk.

  8. Brandon says:

    @Zack….how can Sting be coming “home” if he has never been there. I think Nash is in a good spot. Future 20x World Champion HHH is running things now! Who knows about Booker! If Sting does come to WWE, he won’t be around long. I’m thinking, he will prob be inducted in the Hall, do Mania, and then retire like he has been talking about for years.

    TNA is a lost cause but will stay on TV and continue to ruin the business we love! This company has never gone one day without some kind of stable! Gang warfare stopped being cool when Tupac and Biggie died! If TNA was smart, they would use Hogan to talk to WWE about being their “silent third brand”. The place WWE can send people to get them over as “World Champions” and anyone who may be close to the three strikes ur out policy! Six sided ring is gone! Most of their home grown main eventers and talent are gone! But the train wreck continues to make people unable to turn away! I won’t predict their demise, but as a guy who loved alot of their $9.99 weekly shows, I can say they have never been a worse product! Soooooo cookie cutter!

  9. Jerry says:

    Actually Sting was discovered by the WWE along with the Ultimate Warrior learn you history people. So technically Sting is coming home. Which means that he may be inducted into the hall of fame this year. along with Michaels

  10. Nick says:

    Jerry, Sting was never involved with WWE. He was actually abandoned in UWF by Jim Hellwig, then moved to the NWA/WCW. Try not to yell at people about knowing history if you don’t.

    Oh, and the hints towards a Fortune turn have been around for weeks, ever since Morgan first turned on Immortal.

  11. eddie says:

    How can sting be coming home he has never had a match in awe or when it was wwf and as far as ur history goes Vince wanted sting out of wcw as soon as he bought it also tea should of brought rick in with Scott and theres ur they then also bring back hernadez and should of left aj where he was nice job Eric and Hogan

  12. Tim says:

    Jerry: I ass-u-me your kidding, but if your not, YOU need to learn your history.

    Steve Borden & Jim Hellwig (Sting & Ultimate Warrior) were the Blade Runners in the Mid-South then the UWF. Jim Hellwig went to WCCW as the Dingo Warrior then to WWF as the Ultimate Warrior. Sting then went to the NWA, which became WCW where he stayed until it folder. He was NEVER in WWF(E), EVER.

  13. Hipnosis says:

    This is good. I think they should go with the story being that they got tired of hogan and Eric taking their time when they are the face of TNA

  14. If the rumor of Sting going to the WWE is true, I’m very disgusted.

    Here’s why.

    Sting represents a part of life that many of us have faced and few of us have actually overcome — bias, nepotism, and favoritism.

    Sting never sold out his industry to enter the WWE. With Sting he always cared about his career, his fans, and his character. Sting gave an interview where he talked about how The Rock looked at Booker T and said “Who are you.” Sting said that one little thing is what he believed devastated the career of Booker T and convinced him that he would be treated in a similar way if he joined WWE after the merger with WCW. As a result, Sting stayed away and did not join up again.

    We all know that Sting is a wrestling legend. This much is undisputable and cannot be debated. If Sting were to avoid being placed in the WWE Hall of Fame simply because he never wrestled for the WWE, it would show that the WWE Hall of Fame is 100% meaningless — based entirely on bias and favoritism…the type of nepotism that hires family-man Triple H as an undeserving business executive. Any meaningful Hall of Fame would grant entry regardless of whether someone was employed by WWE or not.

    If Sting were to join the WWE just to enter their Hall of Fame, I really would be disappointed. I would see this as a moral and ethical sellout, especially by a supposed born-again Christian like Steve Borden (Sting). All the people that never ended up in Halls of Fame, even though they deserved to be, will be sold out by Sting.

    The reason for this is because Sting had the power to single-handedly cause the WWE Hall of Fame to be PROVEN as a biased organization. The WWE was the place that was NOT going to allow Hulk Hogan to be entered into the Hall of Fame until he came back and followed orders one last time (even though Hogan is the biggest name in wrestling history). In the end, the WWE never found anyone capable of receiving a “passed torch” from Hulk Hogan, so it didn’t matter anyways.

    I actually liked the way Hulk Hogan used his WWE Hall of Fame Ring as part of the storyline in TNA. Hulkster gave the ring to Abyss, and convinced Abyss that he had the power of Hulkamania. It was one of the best plots I had ever seen. Watching Abyss slam Ric Flair through the ring using the power of Hulkamania was AWESOME! It was even more AWESOME when Abyss slammed Flair through the FLOOR on the way to the ring!

    I also like the way Hogan has used the word “Immortal” as part of his plot in TNA. For those of you that don’t remember, after Hogan was assigned to “pass the torch” to The Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania VI, Hogan showed great sportsmanship by personally passing the belt to The Ultimate Warrior. This was thought of as “passing the torch” in the industry — similar to when Andre the Giant supposedly passed the torch to Hogan at Wrestlemania III (actually, Hulk Hogan took it and elevated it to a higher level). The announcer, Gorilla Monsoon, specifically said “Hogan has walked on step closer to Immortality.” Well, it was a slap in the face of WWE and Vince McMahon when Hogan created a group called Immortal.

    For the record, The Ultimate Warrior did receive “The Torch” that was successfully passed to him by Hogan; however, The Warrior was NOT capable of carrying it for long. It was only a short time afterwards when it became clear The Ultimate Warrior was not capable of keeping The Torch as high as Hogan had it. Eventually, The Ultimate Warrior dropped The Torch and it burnt out…Only when wrestling entered its next Golden-Era with WCW at the helm was Hollywood Hulk Hogan able to light that Torch once again.

    The next time Vince McMahon asked Hogan to “pass the torch” it was to The Rock. But THE INSTANT we saw a bad-guy Hogan lose to the good-guy Dwayne Johnson, we saw EVERYONE start boo-ing The Rock. This was AMAZING to see! The fans actually were boo-ing the “face” for the first time I had ever witnessed! This incident was as if Hogan tried to pass The Torch to The Rock, but The Rock instantly dropped it and was burnt up. Clearly, The Rock never had what it took to carry The Torch. Vince McMahon had made yet another poor selection of who to carry The Torch.

    Another time Hogan tried passing The Torch was to Bill Goldberg. But Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon really messed things up with Goldberg. Bischoff had a nice plan of making it so Goldberg did AMAZING things such as Jackhammer (Vertical Suplex) The Giant — Paul Wight. That was FAR more impressive than Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior bodyslamming Andre the Giant. But McMahon was too stupid to go with it. McMahon had the idea that everyone needed to “climb their way to the top.” This ruined Goldberg’s momentum.

    Brock Lesnar was another loser. He had everything handed to him. He had no business beating Hogan and he didn’t have the charisma Goldberd did. Lesnar looked like a steroid filled 18-year old kid. Vince McMahon tried the “passing the torch” crap, but it should have become clear here that you CANNOT “Pass” the Torch. The Torch NEEDS to be TAKEN AWAY by someone with superior skill! Hogan TOOK “The Torch” from Andre the Gian because Hogan was BETTER than Andre the Giant! But nobody was able to successfully do that with Hogan. McMahon should have let Hogan keep the Torch all that time.

    Anyways, as far as Sting goes, I’m upset. I sure hope he isn’t in WWE. He belonged outside WWE his entire career. Sting was more successful against Hogan than anyone else in history. Hogan never beat Sting. I believe Sting is 3 win 0 loss against Hogan. It shows that Sting has the power to overcome him.

    The way Kevin Nash returned to WWE as “Diesel” was quite PATHETIC, in my opinion (and everyone else I know). The way he showed up for a short time, and then was embarrassed is an example of how injured he is, and too old to put on a quality show for long. Let’s hope it isn’t like that with Sting. I can tell you the WWE ratings will shoot through the roof if Sting joined, simply because LOTS of people have waited a loooooong time to see Sting in the WWE.

    And for the record, I think it is a DISGRACE that TNA has AMAZING people such as Rob Terry and Matt Morgan, yet refuses to allow them to compete for the World Championship! It’s almost as if TNA wants those BIG guys to lose to smaller guys as a way of attacking WWE since WWE has so many taller and bigger guys playing main roles. TNA seems to want to send the message that “wrestling skill beats size or strength.”

    This is a shame, because I have no doubt Andre the Giant would never have a chance at the TNA World Championship. Andre would be a total waste of human resource talent thanks to Hogan and Bischoff. At least in WWF Andre never lost for 15 years, even though he wasn’t champion. In TNA Andre would be losing on a regular basis, just like Rob Terry, Matt Morgan, and Abyss. That is SAD!!!

    Some advice to TNA, you might want to use Rob Terry as a character similar to The Ultimate Warrior! Make him The Ultimate 4-ior (fourior) our something like that, in order to help Fourtune. You could have a 4 on the left sidt of his face, and a backward 4 on the right side of his face — looking similar to The Ultimate Warrior. … Having Rob Terry lose in 4 seconds to Matt Morgan is NOT the thing to do!!!

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