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Video: The 2-21-11 promo from Raw

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  1. Nick says:

    What about the video said Sting to people?

    Ominous organ music, lightning, an Old Western motif… doesn’t that all pretty much scream Undertaker?

  2. kev-do says:

    I’m assuming sting? This means we might get our taker vs sting match at wm we always wanted!

  3. Nilao Mooca says:

    I Dunno but it´s like a Crow Movie scene this video. Crow Means Sting but perhaps is the Undertaker who will be returning. (Just Asking why not in the SD! Show the Brand Undertaker is part of the roster ?!)

  4. KING444 says:

    well think about it… the 21st is on monday which is RAW and undertaker belongs to smackdown so theres a possibility that this might be sting

  5. Zack says:

    I may be wrong but if you look closely as the smoke appears quickly after the 2 21 11 graphic, it seems to spell “Sting”. It may just be coincidence but who knows. taker vs sting at mania would be awesome but who would want either to lose? Taker’s streak to break? not likely. Sting to lose his only wwe match? be a big slap in the face of Sting’s legacy. Anyways, 2 21 11 isn’t that far away. We’ll find out soon enough.

  6. reyo says:

    It could be either taker or sting. In the past when Taker has returned they said when, where, and usually why he’s coming back. This is most likely Sting. If not a very slick trick by wwe. Maybe Sting will call out Taker from the grave for one last match?

  7. Thomas says:

    I don’t think its taker, the boots are pointy toe cowboy style boots, and taker has ALWAYS worn round toe tanker style boots (more biker style) even in his early days. Plus the guy seemed to be thinner than taker, or at least the outline in the jacket is thinner than taker.

  8. King Tony says:

    I really think this is going to be Sting. Taker coming back on a Monday makes no sense, since he is likely going after Barrett or Kane.

    If it is Sting though, who does he feud with for Mania? All of the top heels are pretty much tied up in stuff.

  9. TK says:

    The Undertaker is possible…if you try to breakdown the video i see a trenchcoat cowboy boots and a fast walk fast walk and cowboy boots lead me a stray not the undertaker at all!… but it might be a new look for the undertaker once again…then a house rain and thunder and lighting. its a garbled message of who is who…we have seen taker many a time just COME BACK no video no build a gong and there he is. The message is also in a branded cowboy like form it might be someone new we dont know about who knows. also remember there was rare smackdown video where taker opend the door to the light hes def in heaven or regaing his strength from the darkside from a character standpoint.
    then again maybe we all just saw death valley and the home of the deadman

    sting hmmm possible but as far as i knew or read he was due back next week to tna ready for story and angles for the up coming weeks. I could be wrong what ever it is…its someone there brining in and maybe getting ready for WM barret vs taker….sting vs taker cant wait till MNR the 21

  10. Beatnik says:

    Sting. Period.

    Proof? Here’s what apparently happened from Monday’s Impact tapings, which I’m quoting from Gerweck’s “Spoilers”…

    “Eric Bischoff called out Scott Steiner so they can take care of some things. Eric said due to Dixe Carter paying off a judge, Hulk won’t be here tonight. Eric said no one is coming. He said Kevin Nash, Sting, and Booker T aren’t coming.”

    Why would he include Sting?! Technically, the guy branched out from the MEM, so he wasn’t really included in the pack… Nash and Booker are OBVIOUSLY in WWE now… The only reason Bischoff would mention Sting’s name is if he was also in the WWE. It’s not Undertaker, it’s not Y2J… It’s Sting.

    And no, Sting will NOT be facing Undertaker at Mania. Taker has already selected Wade Barrett to be his opponent at Wrestlemania, and is currently grooming him to do so.

    Bottom line!

  11. TK says:

    late in the game in CA been reading whats out there…everyone has some real good ideas on who…word is there is a symbol of sting hidden in this video somewhere ive watched it so many times my eyes hurt…if anyone can find it we have a green light.

  12. Rock says:

    Its going to be skip sheffield

  13. kev says:

    If sting is going to appear once and only once at wrestlemania it has to be taker…They will have mind tricks against each other and it will be awesome!

  14. lm says:

    I hope it’s Sting, but I have a feeling it just might be Mistico. Isn’t his character based around some Mexican priest finding him and teaching him the ways of Lucha Libre? Although Fray Tormenta is much more heavy set, it wouldn’t surprise me if WWE replaced the role with someone thinner. The western theme in the video would work for Mexican wrestlers.

  15. Norm says:

    its awesome kong wearing circus tent looking for ho hos

  16. Mark says:

    Taker hasn’t been out long enough to do a big build up. I mean if someone is out like a year they’ll do teasers and stuff to bring them back but people get hurt all the time and are out for a couple months here and there and come back without a build up. Another thing like someone else mentioned, Taker is a Smackdown superstar and so is Barrett. I don’t see any reason for Taker to return on Raw. He’ll return to Smackdown.

  17. no way says:

    I don’t understand how people get Sting out of that. Just WWE marks getting their hopes up.

  18. Ryno says:

    It’s leaping lenny poffo

  19. Adman says:

    I’d bet you will see that promo on Smackdown as well Mark. Sting will never come to the WWE as a talent. He may be willing to take his place in the HOF, but not to wrestle.

    This promo is all Taker. The reason I believe they’re doing promos is just to get some immediate build up in time for WM. Usually the talents involved at WM have been visble for months prior to the event…Taker has not. So doing promos gives him immediate pop exposure for his return.

  20. Almost Perfect says:

    Sting will not work for Vince. Period. @Ryno – It’s Lanny, not Lenny. heh.

  21. kev-do says:

    I’m thinking sting cause this body looks thinner than taker

  22. Tom says:

    Just watched that video closely of the 2 21 11 promo and I agree with Zack does appear when the numbers burn out the smoke spells out sting. Probs just backing up what he said. Dunno who it is but my money is on sting

  23. Tom says:

    Change of opinion since seeing second promo. music is associated with past taker promo’

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