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The Rock says he won’t wrestle again

Dwayne Johnson has clarified once and for all his future with WWE via
his Facebook page. He confirmed recent talks with Vince McMahon about
doing something on Raw, but said he will never wrestle again. He wrote:
“…to the Rock’s millions and millions…who will forever be my
family.. honest and direct answer to you is this: I left the WWe
because I had succeeded in accomplishing every goal I set to achieve.
…I’ve never done this before, but I will now because I feel it’s
important you know…let me share with you the goals I set for myself in
the WWE so you can have a better understanding and perspective.. –
become the youngest WWE World Champion – help set box office and
attendance records in every arena in the country – help set PPV buy rate
records ..the final two and my most important goals to achieve in
wrestling: – become the most entertaining and electrifying performer the
WWE had ever seen or will ever see again – take the brass ring of the
WWE that Vince McMahon had faithfully allowed me to earn and take it
places it had never gone before…to trailblaze…to break new
ground…to achieve unprecedented greatness for not only for myself and
the fans to enjoy…but for the business of professional wrestling
itself and the WWE… A business and company that is in my blood and
that I will love forever. …I achieved these goals in the WWE at 30
years old and decided then to HUMBLY and QUIETLY step away and retire.
..and set my sights on another goal…a childhood dream… Hollywood.
..will I ever come back to the WWE? of course I will.. . not a match
though, but in a capacity that would allow me to do so much more.. I
LOVE that company and the fans…without the two I would not be standing
where I am today… Vince and myself stay very closely connected and
when the opportunity is right – which will be a lot sooner than you
think–we will do something electrifying and historic for the fans…he
and I were toying with the idea of a special show called “ROCK RAW”…
sounds like a perfect title for me to come back and SLAP THE LIPS OFF
ASSES!!! sorry…got carried away… I’ll save that one of a kind
electricity for Rock Raw.. …it is important to me to say this from my
heart – to the incredibly loyal “..The Rock’s Millions and Millions…”
and the entire WWE UNIVERSE…I am forever humbled and grateful to you
for allowing me the HONOR to entertain you over the years…you have my
word I will continue to entertain you in ways like no one else…it’s
only just the beginning… I dream big…and we’ve achieved those dreams
together because you never left my side… I love you for that and thank
you… I am Dwayne Johnson…and I will also always be The Rock.”

(credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

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8 Responses

  1. The One You H8 to Love says:

    What a Slap in the Face…why comeback to WWE if your not gonna wrestle or at least be active in the ring? Hell Austin tried it and it didnt work or seems right…Foley tried it and we see how it turned out…hell look at Nash and Booker T and Flair…Sure, “Dwayne” doenst owe us the fans anything…but i say to comeback and just be a on air, inactive figure is stupid and doenst make sense, because in the long run how long and believeable would it before the younger talent takes shots at him and want to start their legacy on the HOF career of The Rock? What’s he gonna do…just Rock bottom them and give them the Eyebrow?..Won’t be satisfying enough, because personally as a fan of The Rock dating back to Flex kavana and even as a member of the Hurricane National Championship football team (GO U!)… I want to see 1 more Rock match at Mania, between Rock and Cena…The build up would be great and the match Im sure would be a classic, as much as I hate Cena…Rock could make him look better then Angle, Taker and Edge ever did…that just my opinon..

  2. -Jay- says:

    Eh ssdd Rock, maybe he is the GM? Fans WILL go insane if he returns in any form regardless.

  3. Eric Gee says:

    @The One You H8 to Love
    Your right about the Cena Vs Rock mania match and i would like to see the Rock in just that one math….but think about it i think this is a smart move…most guys who return destroy their Legacy like Flair, Hogan, Sting, Nash, Hart, etc..why beacuse we remember superstars by their last matches and we all still remeber the Rock as the great superstar he was…why should he ruin that…id be ok if it was just one more return match

  4. Riten says:

    Got To Say This, The Rock Is Always Classy. He May Still Have It, But He’d Be Left With His Historic To Say The Least Career.

  5. David A. says:

    A Rock + Santino segment = Win

  6. KING444 says:

    Well Said Rock.. I’ve been his fan since i was 7 and still 11 years later Rock has always been my idol and yes we will all love to see him return but once he does return even for a little while.. its just that its gonna be hard to say goodbye again to all his fans and the entire WWE universe so its best if he keeps his distance for now sometimes its for the best

  7. Agent Cooper says:

    Not surprising at all. He hasn’t wrestled since 2004. Even though his success at the box office has been mixed, he’s established himself as an actor to the point that he’s not going to need to ever wrestle again.

  8. Guest says:

    Bull. Wrestlers wrestle for one major reason: they love to perform for fans, that’s why we had so many returns or “fake retirements”, some are washed up but they continue and continue. They love to perform for the fans. The problem for the rock is that he wants to keep a good face as a former wrestler and as a movie star. He did have one of te greatest mic skills in all of wrestling but he wants to keep his movie carrear and his wrestling past seprate. He is no longer the rock, he is Dwayne Johnson.

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