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SPOILERS: TNA Impact for this Thursday

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Dark Match

1. Robbie E beat Josh Daniels. The fans packed in at the last minute, but they didn’t seem to care for this match. Lots of Robbie sucks chants. Robbie E got the three count win surprise without cheating.

TNA Impact Taping

Tazz came out in more relaxed type clothes. I wonder if he will be apart of a story line tonight.

Open Immortal comes out without Hulk Hogan. Eric Bischoff called out Scott Steiner so they can take care of some things. Eric said due to Dixe Carter paying off a judge, Hulk won’t be here tonight. Eric said no one is coming. He said Kevin Nash, Sting, and Booker T aren’t coming.

Eric kept pushing for Scott to join him or get your ass kicked. Scott was big with the fans and on the mic very strong. Kurt came out with Crimson. They push that they are real, damn real, and Kurt’s music hit as Scott, Kurt, and Crimson walked backstage.

1. Ink Inc. defeated Gunner and Murphy. Ink Inc. won the match by pinfall.

There was a backstage video of Kurt, Scott, and Crimson. Kurt’s cell rang and he said they are still coming.

2. Jeremy Buck defeated Douglas Williams and Jay Lethal in an X Division contenders match. Max Buck joined the announcers on commentary. Jeremy cheated when the ref was looking away by kicking Williams low and then pinning him. Jeremy and Max are two of the three entrants in the three-way match at the pay-per-view that will determine the No. 1 contender to the X Division Title.

Mr. Anderson came out and asked Jeff to join him in the ring. Jeff came out and Anderson asked if there are as many assholes as creatures in the Impact Zone. Anderson talked about how Jeff and him and are similar. Anderson made fun of Triple H. He then asked Hardy if the can have a match between the two of them with no one interfering. Jeff showed a babyface mix here, and they are doing this match for the fans.

3. Mickie James defeated Sarita. James won the match and was then attacked by Madison Rayne from behind.

4. Bully Ray and D’Angelo Dinero fought Brother Devon and Samoa Joe to an apparent no-contest. Joe and Pope brawled backstage. Devon fought Bully Ray all over the building until referees and staff members broke it up.

5. Mr. Anderson defeated Jeff Hardy to retain the TNA Title. Jeff attacked Anderson during the introductions. After ten minutes of fighting outside the ring, the match started. The ref was knocked out during the match. Immortal came out and then Fortune (A.J. Styles, Kazarian, and Beer Money) turned on Hardy and Immortal. Anderson ended up getting the win.

A.J. Styles claimed he is “They.” Eric Bischoff came out. Angle and Steiner joined Styles in the ring. Bischoff said that Hulk Hogan will take control of the company by March 3. There was no sign of Ric Flair. There was a lot of yelling back and forth and then A.J.’s music played.

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5 Responses

  1. The One You H8 to Love says:

    So 3 major things pop up in this…

    1) Since Flair’s bs overseas, does that mean EB kicked Flair out of “control role” in IMMORTAL/Foutune? And if so is Fortune now its own stable no longer with IMMORTAL because of it?

    2)Daniels was backstage, so does that mean he will join “They” along with possible other people?

    3) Did Dixie lose the case vs Hogan?

    I hope tomorrow nights taping explain this…crap

  2. doug says:

    wow! i like tna normally but it is just getting worse off now. they keep hyping these dates so heavily(b4g, and this show for instance) and they arent able to deliver. they are depending on big names instead of working with the guys that help build the company like aj styles

  3. James says:

    I hope AJ, Frankie, and Beer Money get back to the level they were, before Hogan and Bischoff arrived and hopefully Flair’s no longer in the picture.

  4. Manny says:

    Well TNA fans, say goodbye to your company. Keep thinking that these storylines remotely compare to WWE. Great job Vince. You may not be loved by all, but you always get the job done.

  5. DeathNote81 says:

    As retarded as it may look, I actually prefer Angle teaming with Beer Money and AJ over Booker, Nash and Steiner (as the NEW Main Event Mafia–the guys who are poised to take over the company?). If only they could get rid of Kaz, Steiner, and that Crimson dude, and add Morgan, Pope, Joe, Lethal, and the rest of the young guys, gals. Have them all band together against Bischoff and Hogan and say “ENOUGH of this bullsh*t. We’re taking our show back!”.

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