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SPOILER: TNA’s “They” storyline is revealed

Reported by Adam Martin of

According to a report by Edward Tittlebaum on, AJ Styles claimed he was “They” and was joined by Kurt Angle and Scott Steiner in the ring for the final segment of the night. Eric Bischoff said that beginning on March 3, Hulk Hogan will be taking full control of TNA.

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  1. Ian says:

    Yep from what I have heard this was a last minute (as in a couple of days ago) fall back plan once Booker T, Kevin Nash (and after tonights promo on RAW…Sting seemingly) have jumped to WWE.

  2. The One You H8 to Love says:

    R.I.P TNA 1-31-11 (2-3-11)…by way of suicide

  3. Sonia says:

    Vince’s money outplayed you again Dixie. You’ve got a couple of more months than you’re really done. Nice try but AJ, Scott and Kurt really come on now.

  4. The One You H8 to Love says:

    TNA couldve made this soo much better…”They” couldve been Kurt, Hernandez, Daniels, AJ, even brought back the like of Homicide and “Wildcat” Chris Harris….now that version of “They” is better then…AJ, Kurt and Scott…wow..blown oppertunity. Withe the talent pool that TNA has access to, this couldve been 10-50x better…

  5. kev-do says:

    So lets see here….WCW comes along and dies, then TNA comes and goes(soon)….Will another form of this come back in 5 or 6 years? Let just hope they finally learn…but I have my doubts…

  6. CT Cruz says:

    TNA has never been close. They are only popular because people are still hopeful we will have an alternative to WWE. But lets face it they have never been in the same league. Once they are out of business they wont even leave a legacy. At least ECW created stars. TNA was and is a glorified indy promotion. Good ridance.

  7. Steigasaurus says:

    So Crimson attacks AJ and warns him that “They” are coming.. Only to have AJ be one of “They”?
    Hey TNA: Make sense much?

  8. CT Cruz says:

    TNA is the biggest joke in the wrestling industry. I would rather watch WWE Superstars on WGN America.

  9. LA KID says:

    AJ Styles, jump to WWE while you still have some relevancy in the business!!!!!

  10. Agent Cooper says:

    You people constantly predicting the end of TNA are always hilarious. You really have no sense of reality. They average a 1.2 in ratings every week. Nothing ever changes that, for better or worse. Those ratings are more than good enough for SpikeTV. They’ll continue to be around for a long time no matter how puzzling their booking is.

  11. mmggirl says:

    I agree with Agent Cooper. They’ve said since the beginning that TNA wouldn’t last 6 weeks…6 months…1 year…it goes on and on.

    On the “They” part…I’m really hoping that it just starts out with those three and that they build up the numbers quickly. I mean, Daniels is back (as Suicide for now), and there are plenty of current and former mid-carders who would love the chance to work with all the top guys. I hope they work this correctly.

  12. T says:

    *sigh* I was hoping for better. I mean Ok seeing Nash and Booker return and the MEM reform wouldn’t have been much better but still…

  13. Adman says:

    Sting in WWE? Nope. That promo is for the return of the other man that wears the black coat…anyone remember that guy named Undertaker? Steve Borden has always been a man of his word…that word has always been that no amount of money could make him work for Vince McMahon. I doubt it’s Stinger….

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