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Current Wrestlemania plans for top title matches

As always, plans are subject to change, but as of last night, the current plans for Wrestlemania title matches have:

– The Miz vs. John Cena for the WWE championship

– Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight title

credit: Dave Meltzer

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18 Responses

  1. Phil says:

    WHY Cena again? Does he really NEED to be a part of a title match? I get they set it up with Riley and Miz screwing Cena….but really? Cena is still the lap dog for Vince….its boring in my opinion.

  2. Joe says:

    Neither of these matches seem like big draws….

  3. jason says:

    That would be the worst Wrestlemania ever…

  4. Zack says:

    Of course Cenas gonna win the title…again….sigh.

    I`m so sick of him.

  5. Kevin says:

    Miz vs. Cena just bites!! Cena is way overrated and so overexposed it’s pathetic and does anybody really care about Miz much less the fact that he is WWE champ.

    Same with Edge being overplayed and overused. Del Rio is talented and all but is his push too much too soon(at least it’s a new guy in the mix.)

    Why do the true talents like Morrison, Daniel Bryan, Justin Gabriel, etc. get buried? Ziggler should have been given the belt last night to usher in a new era for WWE-an era that actually know what ‘wrestling’ is and are damn good at it.

  6. Hipnosis says:

    should be Daniel Bryan vs Miz *sigh*

  7. Ky Stud says:

    Yeah I have mania tickets and after last night wishing I could get a refund. Wwe has so much talent and they push the same ppl down our thoarts it’s getting old in fact it’s past old it’s time to quit watching

  8. Jack says:

    This is pure guess work by Meltzer clearly based on what happend last night.

    I’d say ADR v Edge was a lock, i can see the WWE title match being a fatal 4 way, Miz vs Cena vs Punk vs Orton.

    Still think they dropped the ball not having Punk win the RR.

  9. G3 says:

    Yes Cena Lol I love it Go Cena

  10. Agent Cooper says:


  11. Eezel says:

    @all you Cena haters the guy is truely the best in the business the torch was passed from the greatest wrestler of all time Stone Cold Steve Austin and went strait to Cena, dont hate because hes truely better than everyone on the entire WWE roster. I personally would love to see him quit and get with some real tallent in TNA like soma joe

  12. reyo says:

    Both champions are going to survive Elimination Chamber? I don’t see how miz remains champion after elimination chamber. Unless somehow Alex Riley gets involved in the match *big huge yawn*.

  13. RJ Ace says:

    Daniel Bryan vs The Miz in the main event at Wrestlemania?! Really? Hahaha what a joke. Bryan Danielson may be the best wrestler in the world, but he has the charisma of a door knob and he couldn’t sell a ppv main event on the mic. Name one promotion that has succeeded on a national level just featuring great wrestlers. Daniel Bryan would be great to head up a cruiserweight division if WWE were to get serious about it. I agree that Cena is played out and way overexposed but he’ll easily sell 500,000 more ppv’s than Daniel Bryan.

  14. osmond says:

    @Eezel he’s not the best in the business, not “truely” better than everyone on the entire WWE roster. He’s probably the best Face and entertainer, and therefore the ideal image for the PG rating. I’m pretty sure that’s what you meant though. HAH! I don’t know what Cena you’ve been watching. Us Cena “haters” don’t hate him for no apparent reason, it’s because he’s not the best in the ring like you think. Also because he’s been force fed to us for six years, and might be entering his 7th consecutive WM Main Event Title Match. Not even your “greatest wrestler of all time” Austin had that.

  15. Eric says:

    i’m not a cena fan but this will be good for the miz. they had a good rivalry last year this will sky rocket miz’s career and will be the first step of him being accepted as a big player in the company

  16. Danny says:

    Orton vs Miz vs Cena or Orton vs Miz would do.
    same goes for the WHC. Christian vs Edge vs Del Rio or Edge vs Del Rio with Christian helpin Edge retain.

  17. Eric Gee says:

    correct me if im wrong….but wasnt Cena and Edge the same number 1 contednders just like last year???

  18. Kevin says:

    Why does WWE feel the need to re-sign yesterdays “legends”? There is so much talent that goes unnoticed or get pink slips (Shelton Benjamin is a prime example.) I just don’t get their unending process of pushing these big muscleheads with very little ability in the ring. I sure wish I had access to ROH in my area!!!!

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