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Update on Royal Rumble Spoilers

– Booker T and Kevin Nash have arrived in Boston, the site of tonight’s Royal Rumble PPV. Nash was spotted with jet black hair and a black goatee.

– As of about mid-week, WWE had not booked the Royal Rumble match yet. The feeling was that Triple H only wanted to return at the Royal Rumble if he would win the battle royal.

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  1. daniel1403 says:

    i have to say iam and iam not looking forward to the rumble match,looking forward to seeing some guys return but i think if Cena wins the rumble and goes to mania and beats the miz which is the plan i think that will turn more viewers away than it will turn on i dont think the cena superman show can run much longer surely the company can see that its bad for buisness they should have him lose and he get pissed off about it and be the start of a heel turn ie the real cena that punk has been on about,just something different would be nice and not the same 4 or 5 guys over and over again

  2. Eric says:

    I would like to see somebody win the Royal Rumble who deserves a push. John Morrison or Daniel Bryan would be really good. I’m not seeing Cena win honestly, I think the whole thing with the Nexus and the Corre will keep Cena from winning. Whoever wins, I’m sure it will lead to some match we’ve already seen a hundred times.

  3. Andy says:

    in my opinion i see john morrison winning it . i think cena would have a low number in the rubme. i see david otunga eliminating cm punk. a lots of suprises this years rumble!

  4. Lois Lane says:

    I agree with eric. I’m hoping for somebody new to win this rumble, not someone that has already been established with the fans.

  5. -Jay- says:

    If Cena wins we riot!

  6. Korey says:

    Morrison is a great prediction

    Jet black hair?! Diesel!

  7. G3 says:

    I hope cena wins to piss everybody off lol

  8. Hipnosis says:

    “THEY” are HERE!!!!

  9. KennyD says:

    Well; I would like to see AWESOME KONG put into the Royal Rumble and actually WIN !! Would throw the entire WWE into a tizzy … LOL .

    However; it wouldn’t surprise me to see Wade Barrett get the push and win the Rumble … BUT; I think it will be either be Triple H or John Cena who actually wins the Royal Rumble …

  10. LayCool says:

    I hope kong wins

  11. Jamey says:

    I don’t want to sound like another disgruntled WWE fan, but I have to say this is boring. One of many reasons why my viewership of WWE has been in a steady decline for the past few years. All of the matches are predictable, and the Royal Rumble, while previously one of my favorite events, has become on of my most hated. I knew HHH would be returning at the rumble and would win it; The indication was very strong after the segement with Stephanie in bed and HHH’s voiceover saying McMahon was in a coma. If he’s “back on TV” in such a capacity then he’s obviously recovered; Just milking time away to win the Rumble as they did with Cena and Edge and every other injured Superstar who makes a “miraculous” return.

    I wish the Rumble actually went back to it’s “darkhorse” stature of pushing newer superstars. If they hadn’t dropped the ball with him already, I would have personally loved to see Wade Barrett win it. The Rumble has been pretty terrible since Rey Mysterio won; No love lost with him of course, but he only won because of Eddie’s passing, which is despicable to me. Rey has enough talent to be a legitimate title contender on his own, but they had to use the death of another wrestler as the sole reasoning behind his push. That’s ridiculous.

    I’m hoping I am shocked and a “new blood” wins the Rumble, such as maybe even Drew McIntyre, and I’m certainly no fan of his. I’m EXPECTING the boring old “someone returns and magically wins!” angle, with HHH as the guilty party of course.

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