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Survivor Series on the chopping block again

When the disappointing preliminary numbers came in for November’s Survivor Series pay-per-view, Vince McMahon once again wanted to put an end to the Survivor Series all together, according to Dave Meltzer. McMahon is apparently feeling the Survivor Series concept is outdated, and the name is not a selling point for fans. WWE had planned to drop the Survivor Series last year, but McMahon was convinced to retain it for the fall.

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  1. Jack says:

    all the ppv’s have been going down……dont have so many, go down to like 6-8 a year

    or get rid of the pg rating

  2. daniel1403 says:

    i think fans liked the 5 on 5 matches and there would be more interest if they went back to those and didnt protect the main eventers so much in the matches have an up and comer pin somebody high up to elevate them just a few thoughts

  3. Korey says:

    HOW ABOUT YOU TRY SELLING THE SURVIVOR SERIES?! Make it THE brand vs brand show instead of that damn braggin rights ppv. All you’re doing is using the same match concept to sell the same ppv.

    Growing up Survivro Series was my fav. ppv because it brought hte larger than life characters together!!!!

  4. Eric Perrmann says:

    Totally agree with daniel1403. The old school format was awesome. They should go back to 5 vs 5 with a build up to the team format. It’s the booking, not the concept, that the fans can’t warm up to anymore.

  5. Mike says:

    Survivor series was one of the big 5 it has become synonymous with the dead mans anniversary. It’s one of only 4 ppvs that have kept the name. It’s where Wwe beat the alliance. It’s where Austin was run over. Honsestly it’s my 3rd favorite ppv after rumble and mania. Wwe has no one to blame for it’s failure last year. They had countless elimination mat he’s the entire month leading to the ppv and scrambled to fill the card the final week. The gimmick match used to be used to “Settle The Score” now it’s a joke and over used.

    Remember how he’ll in a cell used to be the ultimate way of ending a rivalry now it’s an entire ppv and 3 in one night kind of kills the aww which it used to inspire.

    Just name each damn ppv what it is overpriced and underbooked and a waste of time and money when u can stream it online for free.

  6. Gaul says:

    The name of a show shouldn’t be the sole reason for selling PPVs. Popular wrestlers in good matches with interesting back stories should.

    “Don’t worry, the show can suck because it has a good name so everyone will buy the show regardless.” What an attitude.

  7. Will Henderson says:

    instead of ridding the Survivor Series, why not just merge it with Bragging Rights and call it Survivor Series: Bragging Rights.

  8. xric says:

    PG Rating is so bad that classic PPVS like Surivivor Series is being put on the chopping block.Its a pity that a ppv thats been around since hogan time has to be put on the chopping block.

  9. Sub Zero says:

    Some of the recent Survivor Series like 2007-2008 were among the worst PPVs ever, so I wouldnt miss it if they got rid of it. Elimination matches headlined Summerslam and Bragging Rights, so what was left for Survivor Series 2010?

  10. jon says:

    wasnt the hogan time pg also so its not the rating of the show… its the booking, its the too many ppvs to chose from, its all rematches and gimmick matches.. its been done b4. why pay 40 dollars to see a match that was on raw probably a month ago.

    buyrates are bad because 1. there are too many wwe ppv’s. 2. 40 dollars is alot of money each month. 3. the lack of booking. 4. we have seen it all b4 probably 3 or 4 weeks ago.

    why not go with 6 ppvs… rumble, mania,summerslam,survivor series, add 2 more like how about king of the ring in june, winner faces wwe champ at summerslam in august. no ppv in july. 1 ppv every 2 months or so.. would see the buyrates go up significantly especially if there was better booking and story telling going on.

  11. Jay says:

    With the way WWE’s been booking lately…the Gooker making a return would bring in more ratings…

  12. Atlee Greene says:

    Get rid of Bragging Rights and bring that concept to Survivor Series so it is not “outdated”

  13. reyo says:

    Maybe the way big events are sold is “outdated”. 45 bucks is too steep of a price for the quality of product they are producing. And having Alberto Del Rio win the royal rumble is a slap in the face. People paid 45 bucks to watch the biggest royal rumble ever and it was won by a midcard/jobber. I would rather see Santino win the rumble and face miz at WM or whoever the WWE champion is by then. Del Rio won and 5 people cheered maybe 50 people booed and everyone else just sat there. Nobody cares either way about del rio.

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