Live Royal Rumble coverage: WWE Title Match

Jan 30, 2011 - by staff

– A hype video is shown for Wrestlemania.

– We get a recap of the feud between The Miz and Randy Orton.

– Josh Matthews interviews Miz and Riley backstage. They talk about the match with Orton and Miz talks about how everyone keeps saying if it wasn’t this or that so and so would be champion and how he is sick of it and will prove all of the haters wrong tonight.

(2) WWE Title Match: The Miz (c) w/ Alex Riley vs Randy Orton. Cole is on his feet clapping for Miz. Man the announcing is very bad tonight. Cole is being his usual annoying self and Lawler won’t stop arguing with him. Styker as usual is name dropping stuff that most people don’t get. They are seriously getting on my nerves. Nothing much to this match so far. Orton controlling things early on. Miz battles back and has taken over on offense. Cole gives Riley a high five at ringside. RKO attempt from Orton but Miz counters it into a Skull Crushing Finale attempt which Orton counters into an Angle Slam for a near fall. Miz is trying to leave but Orton stops him. Orton goes after Riley which distracts him and allows for Miz to take over on offense. The New Nexus minus Punk is out at ringside. Riley runs in and Orton tosses him over the top and on to them. RKO on Miz but Punk is in. He gives Orton the GTS and lays Miz on top of him for the pin.

Winner: The Miz

– Todd Grisham reads an official statement from Cody Rhodes backstage about his shattered face and not being able to compete in the Royal Rumble.

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