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Live Royal Rumble coverage: Royal Rumble match

Order of entrants:
01. CM Punk
02. Daniel Bryan
03. Justin Gabriel
04. Zach Ryder
05. William Regal
06. Ted Dibiase
07. John Morrison
08. Yoshi Tatsu
09. Husky Harris
10. Chavo Guerrero
11. Mark Henry
12. JTG
13. Michael McGilicutty
14. Chris Masters
15. David Otunga
16. Tyler Reks
17. Vladimir Kozlov
18. R-Truth
19. Great Khali
20. Mason Ryan
21. Booker T
22. John Cena
23. Hornswoggle
24. Tyson Kidd
25. Heath Slater
26. Kofi Kingston
27. Jack Swagger
28. Sheamus
29. Rey Mysterio
30. Wade Barrett
31. Dolph Ziggler
32. Diesel
33. Drew McIntyre
34. Alex Riley
35. Big Show
36. Eziekel Jackson
37. Santino Marella
38. Alberto Del Rio
39. Randy Orton
40. Kane

Order of elimination:
01. Justin Gabriel
02. Zach Ryder
03. William Regal
04. Chavo Guerrero
05. Yoshi Tatsu
06. JTG
07. Ted Dibiase
08. Chris Masters
09.  Daniel Bryan
10. John Morrison
11. Mark Henry
12. Tyler Reks
13. Vladimir Kozlov
14. R-Truth
15. Husky Harris
16. Great Khali
17. Booker T
18. David Otunga
19. Micheal McGilicutty
20. Mason Ryan
21. CM Punk
22. Heath Slater
23. Tyson Kidd
24. Hornswoggle
25. Diesel
26. Dolph Ziggler
27. Jack Swagger
28. Dre McIntyre
29. Big Show
30. Alex Riley
31. Kofi Kingston
32. Sheamus
33. Eziekel Jackson
34. Kane
35. Rey Mysterio
36. John Cena
37. Wade Barrett
38. Randy Orton
39. Santino Marella

– Punk is out as number one. The entire Corre are out and attack Punk. The New Nexus is out to make the save. The Mystery GM chimes in. He orders everyone other than Punk to return to the locker room asap or be out of the Rumble match. Morrison gets knocked off the apron but is able to grab on to the retaining wall like Spider-Man. He walks the wall all the way to the end then jumps to the steps and gets back in the ring without his feet ever touching the floor. The New Nexus gang up on everyone else and eliminate them one by one. Mason Ryan eliminates Ryan all on his own. Booker comes in a cleans house until Mason Ryan tosses him out. Hornswoggle gives Kidd a mini Attitude Adjustment. Diesel is over huge. He looks much younger with his hair dyed black and looks to be in very good shape. Miz is on commentary now that Riley is in the match. Zeke eliminates Big Show. Orton RKO’s everyone left in the match. Orton and Cena have a stare down which actually gets a number of boos. Alex Riley is trying to get back in the match. The referees are trying to get him out and Miz comes in the ring and tosses out Cena. Alberto tosses out Orton for the win. Santino was hiding under the ring. He was never eliminated. Cobra on Del Rio. Santino goes to eliminate Alberto but he reverses it and eliminates Santino.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

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64 Responses

  1. Jamey says:

    I’m thoroughly surprised we didn’t see a HHH return/win, but why in the hell did Del Rio win? That guy is annoying and I don’t see him as a main eventer.

  2. cas says:

    i would have rather seen santino win…Mania better have some awesome mid card matches

  3. Bey says:

    Hornswaggle in the Rumble…..Miz as champ at Mania….Alberto in the main event at Mania….I miss WWF…WWE sucks

  4. Eezel says:

    this was deffinatly the worst PPV in the world, no wonder vince keeps loosing fans his writers are getting to be pathetic with everything The Miz? come on you alrdy screwed over Orton, but now Cena? this PPV gets a -5 stars

  5. dave says:

    u guys do realise that now del rio won it, it will be miz v cena at mania because of miz elimintating cena.

  6. Billy says:

    The pop Nash got might have been one of the loadest ever

  7. ahnope says:

    Terrible ending to a very below average ppv. There was a “run in” in every match,lame. Anybody other than Dusty Rhodes know how to storyboard a match over there?

  8. Rex Anderson says:

    Pissed. Nuff said

  9. Jay says:

    I thought they would use the Rumble as the springboard for the obviously coming Del Rio push. Triple H is too cozy in his new booking role with the company while Taker…well…god only knows when he’ll appear again. Diesel was a fun possiblity but let’s just face it, he’s probably just one of those one-night hires WWE tend too make for the Rumble.

  10. trypz says:

    why in god’s name did alberto del rio win the rumble?!?! HE IS PATHETIC!! he comes out to literally no reaction from the crowd at all, he’s terrible on the mic, he’s annoying to listen to and watch, and now we have to somehow sit through a main event at Wrestlemania with him in it?! This is an outrage

  11. Wookey says:

    Pathetic, and I havent even watched it!

  12. seth says:

    suprized hhh didnt come in but i called it..alberto would win

  13. xric says:


  14. Wookey says:

    Oh and thanks Steve :)

  15. Sonia says:

    Alberto are you effen kidding me. Maybe the wrestlemainia can be del rio
    vs the miz. What a joke. Remember when the rumble ment something. Might as wellbe watching TNA. Terrible ppv. All writers should begiven there leave!

  16. Gaul says:

    I thought it was funny how they tried dteasing Cena/Orton which got zero reaction out the crowd. What’s with the hate for Del Rio? Everyone complains how WWE is always cycling the same guys (Orton, Cena, Edge, HHH, Undertaker), a new guy gets a push and you still complain?

  17. Rick says:

    Love seeing someone new winning the Rumble, fresh to see.

    Good job Del Rio!

  18. Vendetta says:

    a 40 men Rumble was a great idea but come on, Del Rio winning, thats stupid, you have Morrison who’s been in the WWE longer than Del Rio and is WAY better than Del Rio, yet he just gets pushed aside and WWE hands Del Rio a shot…
    I’m so glad I didnt waste money for the PPV.

  19. -Jay- says:

    At LEAST SuperCena didn’t win, tonight.

  20. G3 says:

    wwe fans well nerver be happy I remember how everybody hated HHH cus he was always champ now it cena
    im glad Del rio won im a huge Cena fan

  21. tony storm says:

    alberto del rio is one of the best workers in the entire company! It’s good that a new guy got a rub tonite! And it’s good to be annoying in pro wrestling, that means people will pay to watch him get beat up! And mania isn’t next month the miz could drop the belt,but all signs say he won’t! Who other than john morrison deserves a run with the belt that hasn’t had it already, the return of big daddy is cool for the moment,but lets be honest if big sexy was a horse he’d be glue by now….
    hornswoggle in the rumble is assinine, utterly! And was wwe forshadowing an edge vs christian angle cause that would be awesome at mania,that is if the miz drops the belt to cena and del rio jumps to raw….(not likely) but it’s an idea….
    but all in all this ppv gets a 5/10 from me
    del rio went over, there was a sick spot from morrison, and diesel and booker t returned….and then there was sloopy work from ziggler, hornswoggle was in the rumble and I don’t even wanna talk about wwe divas

  22. novak says:


  23. Brian says:

    I am sure I am reading way into this, but…. how cool would it be for Nash and Booker to show up in TNA this week after dropping in on the rumble just to stir the pot a little between WWE and TNA. I know, I’m crazy and it won’t happen. I just want SOMETHING interesting to happen in wrestling that makes me want to keep watching week aftr week instead of suffering through the same disappointment I have week after week.

  24. Worst PPV I have ever seen, period.

    The crowd was dead throughout the entire night, aside from Booker, Diesel and Santino.

    I haven’t spent a dime on WWE in 7 years, and I did so tonight thinking Kofi or Morrison MIGHT actually finally get a push, and I am happy to say, I will NEVER, EVER spend money on the WWE again.

    Alberto is an unpolished, unproven wannabe without a single good match to his name.

    Funny how guys who were in TNA recently got the biggest pops of the night, and no one gave a crap about anyone else.

    WWE is going to lose massive amounts of fans over this, and I’ll be more than pleased when the WM buyrate sinks like a turd.

  25. Ian says:

    I love teh fact that someone new finally won the Rumble and an up and comer but I just dont see Del Rio as a Main Eventer, especially Main Eventing WM…would much rather have had Morrison continue his recent push and go onto win the big one against his former partner Miz at WM.

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