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Update: Pools thus far for our Royal Rumble giveaways

It is that time of the year – The Royal Rumble, and as always, GERWECK.NET is giving away three prizes. We will enter 40 names into three separate pools. This year, 120 readers will have an opportunity to win a prize. To enter, and receive a number, send your name, your mailing address, and the prize you’d like to win to … The prizes include…

Pool #1:

WWE Encyclopedia

1. Randy S. Moyer
2. Gary Pugliese
3. Michael Manosack
4. Edgar Carson
5. James Angelini
6. Trey Downey
7. Anders Dahl
8. Munchie Solorio
9. Brian Wheat
10. Christian Palko
11. Eddie Villalpando
12. Jeffrey Davis
13. Steven Kender
14. Phil Vale
15. Luke Darbey
16. Brian Parker
17. Kevin Neitzel
18. Sean Carson
19. Chris Michael
20. Andrew Colwander
21. Sebastián Gómez Gallardo Olivares
22. Mike Nguyen
23. Adrian Segarra
24. Mike West
25. Michael Borges
26. Liam Jordan
27. Anthony J. Valvo
28. Michael Hirn
29. William Marchildon
30. Kevin M. Lindsay
31. Nick Elzer
32. Josh Dionio
33. Alexis Barreto

Pool #2:

The Best of AJ Styles DVD (courtesy of Alex Peredo)

1. Mike Iles
2. Thomas Wiley
3. Joseph Nocera
4. Ryan Eder
5. Dan Jennings
6. Jennifer Cogan
7. Michael Grote
8. Joseph Kotulski

Pool #3:

ROH’s Stars of Honor DVD – featuring CM Punk, Matt Hardy, Mick Foley, Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan, and more

1. Mark Milner
2. Jerry Neil
3. Kyle Christie
4. Adam Farrand
5. Chris Metry
6. Jay Arasate
7. Link McLeod
8. Chris Morin
9. Kevin Eperjesi
10. Ryan Howard
11. Eric Williams
12. Angelo Ables
13. Natalie Stachowiak

If your number matches the winner of the 2011 Royal Rumble, you will win the prize. We will announce the names for the pools this weekend. Stay tuned, and good luck if entering!

Reminder: join us Sunday night for our LIVE coverage of WWE’s Royal Rumble PPV, starting at 8PM ET.

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