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Update on Best of Nitro DVD

From DDP’s Twitter:

“IT’s Official! I will Host “The BEST OF NITRO”! This a Great thing for the WCW/NWO/WWE fans! Plus a Great way for DDP to return to the WWE!I’m already getting hit with Questions! Ha! This “Best of Nitro” is a DVD box collection that will include the years 95/96, 97/98 & 99/2001″

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  1. Agent Cooper says:

    I wonder if they’ll have the Undertaker’s ex-wife pin him again in the host segments just to completely bury him one last time for old time’s sake. (Yes, the way the WWE completely butchered DDP’s brief run with the company still pisses me off.)

  2. Simon Poole says:

    That’s awesoome! we get to see Diamond Dallas Page again! get ready to feel the Bang!

  3. Francisco says:

    Wow Self High Five Great to see DDP coming back to the WWE to do a DVD project he belongs in the Hall Of Fame in my opinion and i cant wait to relive the Glory days of WCW Monday Nitro and see the nWo,The Horsemen,Goldberg,Sting ,Macho Man and others and you cannot forget the Nitro Girls. Its about time WWE puts something out like this here’s to hoping they Put out some box sets for The WCW PPVs as well.

  4. Rex Anderson says:

    I guess he can have a chance again, never really know what the hell this will do for him

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