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Gerweck.Net 2010 Worst PPV of the year?

* Hardcore Justice (27%, 194 Votes)
* Over the Limit (16%, 118 Votes)
* Bound for Glory (16%, 115 Votes)
* Bragging Rights (12%, 86 Votes)
* Turning Point (9%, 64 Votes)
* Summerslam (9%, 64 Votes)
* Hell in the Cell (8%, 57 Votes)
* Sacrifice (3%, 26 Votes)

Total Voters: 724

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6 Responses

  1. Nick says:

    Glad to see Over the Limit rebound to take at least second. The TNA hate is obvious from the winners and 2nd runner-up though. Neither were spectacular through and through, but they were both far and away better than WWE’s worst PPV of the year.

  2. cold says:

    I have to agree nick, Hardcore Justice wasn’t the worst PPV of the year. it was probably one of TNA’s better PPV’s from last year. and definately better than a couple of WWE’s filler PPV’s

  3. Jose says:

    really, instead of a few TNA PPVs being nominated, it should have been all of them together.

  4. mmggirl says:

    ^^Here is a prime example of aforementioned TNA hate.

    Seriously though, I’m honestly surprised they only listed 8 PPVs. And, nothing against ROH and Dragongate, but they didn’t have any subpar PPVs? They had to have had something bad.

  5. David R. says:

    heres the problem, mmggirl. most people dont know anything about ROH and Dragongate. I, for one, cant name 5 wrestlers from either company. So if you dont know who the talent is, how can you see the PPVs? Also, can TNA really lay claim to the decent PPV that was Hardcore Justice? I mean, wouldnt it be more an ECW PPV than anything? I know, ECW doesnt exist anymore. I dont think this was the worse one, and i do agree on the TNA hate, but TNA has earned it by keeping young talent down and promoting old, bitching primadonnas who owe more money than they earn, and you know who im talking about.

  6. mmggirl says:

    I agree, David, that few people know ROH and Dragongate. But then how do they get 2 nods each for PPV of the year?

    And I agree, TNA is paying big bucks to people who have barely been relevant for the past 15 years while keeping the young talent down. But I think they’ve been a little better about not pushing the same talent (old, new, overpaid, whatever) ALL THE TIME like WWE does now (Cena for the title at WM tentatively, AGAIN?!?!).

    In all honesty, if someone could grab the good parts of WWE, TNA, and even ROH, and put them into one promotion, there would be no need for hate.

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