Reader provides notes on his Raw experience in Detroit

Jan 26, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Seth in bay city,mi:

I was at the RAW show last night in Detroit, we were about 150 yards from the ring and sat opposite from the Titan Tron.Just wanted to share a few notes:
—–Orton and Cena merchandise sold like crazy. In my estimation, 1 in every 8 people either had a sign pertaining to: Edge, Cena or CM Punk
—–The upper bowl of the non camera side was blocked off with black sheets.They easily could have filled these 300-400 seats.
—-The Joe Louis arena sits just under 20000 for a hockey game. It was probably set up for 15,000 and 95% of all the seats were filled.
—-During the “Superstar” tapings. Yoshi Tatsu, Percy Watson and R Truth got the biggest pops.
—-During the broadcast, the crowd was hot all night for Cena, Orton, Big Show, Santino and Edge. Every time they showed a promo for something on the Tron during a commercial break regarding those guys.The crowd gave them the biggest pops.
—-Crowd booed a lot for CM Punk, Nexus, The Miz, Micheal Cole.
—-The segments they aired from the locker rooms didn’t come across very loud to the rest of the arena. Prompting the crowd to say “What”.
—Only disappointing thing was there was no “dark match”
—Mark Henry & John Morrison vs King Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio match was way too long and some small boring chats broke out.

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