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Jan 25, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

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In the opening foreward of Chris Jericho’s new book “Undisputed : How
To Become The World Champion In 1,372 Easy Steps” Mick Foley writes
about how back in 2007 when Jericho’s first autobiography “A Lion’s
Tale” was released, Foley found himself not only enthralled in the
story Jericho was telling but worried that he was about to lose his
title as the wrestling star with the best autobiography out there.

While Foley has never defeated Jericho in a wrestling ring (a point
Jericho makes sure to point out numerous times throughout this book)
Mick refuses to relinquish his title in the author’s squared circle
but not before putting him over big time and basically admitting that
if someone is the next Mick Foley in the wrestling author ranks, its
Chris Jericho. If anything that is all you need to know before
deciding whether or not to pick up Jericho’s new autobiography as
Jericho delivers another awesome read.

Picking up where A Lion’s Tale left off, Y2J takes you through his WWE
career to date beginning with the infamous debut segment on Raw where
he interrupted The Rock turning out to be one of the most unique
debuts in recent memory. Despite this fact, Jericho’s early days in
the WWE were no different than many before him as he recalls the
massive heat he developed backstage as he tried to adjust to the WWE
way of doing things.

Jericho’s story is both intriguing and hilarious at the same time.
Coming from WCW to the WWE was a major transition for Chris. In the
first few weeks and months of his WWE career he managed to piss off
locker room leaders like The Undertaker and Triple H, developed a
reputation of being green as grass and nearly had his “Walls of
Jericho” finisher named “The Salad Shooter” of all things. Yes that’s
right, WWE’s creative team offered up some of the dumbest names one
can think of, and Jericho includes the original email to prove it.

Reading the stories of Jericho’s interactions with boss Vince McMahon
is a fascinating look inside the WWE that we rarely get. Any wrestling
fan has heard the things the so called dirt sheets has had to say
about McMahon and his repore with his staff, but having it come
straight from the mouth of someone who has spent a lot of time working
for him and someone without an agenda of being bitter over a release
or sucking up in hopes of a push, makes much of this book a truly
awesome read.

Coming in at nearly 450 pages the book covers a lot but doesn’t seem
anywhere near that long as its quite the pager turner. Amongst what
will be the most talked about chapters is the one simply entitled
Benoit. It may be nearing 4 years since the tragic events of June
2007 but reading this chapter about Jericho’s interactions with Benoit
in the weeks leading up to the tragedy and his reaction is truly
captivating. Although Jericho doesn’t intend to offer up any sort of
new information on the tragedy he indirectly does so when describing
how hard it was for him to interact with Benoit during his final years
due to Benoit’s anti social nature. Much like he did during the few
media appearances Jericho made during the media blitz that covered the
tragedy, Jericho does what I consider the best job in telling the
world how and what to separate when thinking of Chris Benoit the man
versus Chris Benoit the murderer.

The other important aspect of this book is Jericho’s decision to chase
yet another dream with the formation of his band Fozzy. The chapters
about the adventures of Fozzy are sprinkled throughout the book and
are just as interesting as the wrestling related chapters as you learn
a lot about how the recording industry truly works and how hard it was
for Fozzy to even get to the point they are today.

Overall, Undisputed is yet another great book from Chris Jericho. It’s
honest, its entertaining and it’s insightful, I highly recommend it ,
and to Mick Foley I’d say watch out, Jericho could quickly become the
“undisputed” wrestling author champion of the world.

Chris Jericho’s “Undisputed : How To Become The World Champion in
1,372 Easy Steps” will be available February 16th in book stores
everywhere. For more info check out and to read
my previous reviews check out

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