1/16 WWE supershow results from Shreveport, LA (Cena no-shows)

Jan 17, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

from Stephen:

John Cena was announced a no show and told the crowd they said you could get refund and Randy Orton was not there either

First match was a battle royal winner John Morrison

United states title match
Ted DiBiase with Maryse vs Daniel Bryan with the Bella twins
Winner Daniel Bryan

R-truth vs Alberto del rio
Winner Alberto del rio

Alberto del rio cut a promo
Got big heat

Santino Marella and Vladmir Kozlov vs Husky Harris and David Otunga
Santino teased the cobra at the start the match and Vladmir Kozlov was worked over in the match and Santino got the hot tag and did his signatures moves and move set in and hit the cobra on David Otunga
Winners Santino Marella and Vladmir Kozlov

The Miz cut a promo
Got the biggest heat

WWE Championship Match
John Morrison vs the Miz
Each wrestler hit there signatures and Morrison missed Starship Pain and with the distraction of Alex Riley The Miz hit his scull crushing finale
Winner the Miz

Eight diva tag team match
Eve Torres, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Kelly Kelly vs
Alicia fox, Rosa Mendes, Maryse, Layla
The faces won of the divas
Beth Phoenix pinned Rosa Mendes

Intermission after the match

C. M. Punk cut a promo
Raw challenge match C. M. Punks vs Mark Henry
Mark Henry got worked over by the new nexus and I believe his got injury after the match
Winner C. M. Punk

C. M. Punk got into with a fan and the fan’s parent had to get in-between C. M. Punk and the fan’s child before anything got worse. The security did nothing for the fan.
C. M. Punk got big heat

Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston

Dolph Ziggler worked over the crowd and tried to run off and Kofi got him back in the ring and Kofi had the crowd hanging on his every move and he won with the trouble in paradise
Winner Kofi Kingston

Fan choice match
Main event match
World Heavyweight Championship street fight

The match was decent and Kane hit some of signatures and he hit his chokeslam and edge hit the spear off a counter and won the match
Kane vs Edge
Winner Edge

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