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Video: Crimson delivering the message to Abyss that THEY are coming

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  1. Brett says:

    Main Event Mafia vs. Immortal…predictable.

  2. blah blah says:

    Main Event Mafia is coming to put the last nail in the TNA coffin!! I had such high hopes when Paul Heyman taking control was a possibility. But even without him, his name brought added momentum that Dixie & crew failed to take advantage of!! The Hardys? Steiner & Nash? Sting & Booker? WWE product is not what it once was but at least there is SOME thought there. Hey, Vince….Destroy them!! And hopefully ROH will step up!

  3. Fisha695 says:

    I thought “They” came a few months ago and “They” were Immortal….? TNA can’t come up with a better codename then “They” something like “Them”… haha

  4. Korey says:

    why did they start using the 4 sides ring again? Anyone konw?

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