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Dixie Carter comments on TNA’s X-division

Dixie Carter via Twitter:

Not sure where you’ve heard the X Division is going away but it’s not true at all. I’m working to beef it up with both familiar & new faces.

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4 Responses

  1. Wes says:

    The NEW X-Division staring Fat Hardy, La Parka, Psycosis, Juvi, and El Dandy.

    Who are you to doubt El Dandy?

  2. Adam Kuehnel says:

    Low Ki, Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt!

  3. DJ REIGN says:

    new faces? yeah they don’t have guarantee contracts for current wrestler but they can spend for Bo Derek aka Matt “I still fat” Hardy

  4. Brandon says:

    nobody has said that they’ve heard the x-division is going away, we are all WITNESSING IT!

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