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Undertaker Update

The Undertaker was backstage at Tuesday’s Smackdown taping in Birmingham. He
was overseeing the current angle with Wade Barrett as Barrett is the guy he’s hand picked to work with at Wrestlemania since Vince’s plan to snag Brock Lesnar never came to fruition.

(credit: Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

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  1. Anony-mouse says:

    See, even Undertaker sees Barrett’s potential… I wish the Brock Lesnar angle went through though… It’s pretty disappointing.

  2. Elvis Steverson says:

    Wade Barrett is the WWE future but he’s not yet a star. WWE needs a major headliner to face Undertaker at the next WrestleMania..

  3. Heywood Jablome says:

    could this mean barret might win

  4. Adam Bockler says:

    That’s pretty serious if The Undertaker picks a rookie as his opponent.

    I hope Barrett looks good in defeat to him. 19-0!

  5. Jay says:

    19 and 0. Cena next year, 20 and 0. retire

  6. RJ Ace says:

    Any chance of the streak ending went out the door with HBK.I don’t know how WWE will re-establish Barrett after Super Cena crushed him. Giving him a clean win over The Big Show would have been a nice start on Smackdown.

  7. Pieman says:

    I think the only 2 guys that could come close to a match like HBK’s with Taker is Cena or Jericho.

  8. Big Tony says:

    Barrett is the future!He’s the best new heel in a long time! If Taker is going to give anybody the streak to establish their career its this guy! That’s how you manufactor a mega-star! If not, then just let the taker keep his streak and retire undeafeated.

  9. Eric says:

    i agree with pieman and jay. barret with give taker a good match and with probably retire after 20-0 hopefully they turn cena heel and main event next years WM

  10. Ronald B says:

    I think Barrett will win, via DQ. Why not let Barrett win the Royal Rumble?

  11. john peeler says:

    the undertaker will beat wade barrett at wrestlemania 27 wade barrett will rest in peace 19-0 all the way does anybody agree with me.

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