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SPOILERS: TNA Impact tapings for January 27

Reported by Adam Martin of

Results courtesy of The Wrestling Observer:

Kurt Angle opened the show talking about what happened “last week” when the Jarrett family laid him out. He asked the crowd if he should do “one more match.” All the heels came out and Eric Bischoff said request denied. All the heels then jumped Angle. The other Red (Tommy Mercer) came out with a baseball bat. Flair then announced that Hulk Hogan returns “next week” on television. Bischoff then announced Angle & Red vs. all the Immortal group.

Mickie James & Angelina Love & Velvet Sky b Sarita & Madison Rayne & Tara in an elimination match.

Max Buck b Amazing Red & Chris Sabin.

Jeff Hardy vowed that in seven days, or before the PPV, he is getting the title back.

Velvet Sky claimed Winter attacked her and said Winter was a bitch. Winter came out and the two went at it until Love separated them. Sky was furious at Love for breaking it up.

Pope apologized to Samoa Joe, but then said Joe is one French Fry short of a coronary.

Mr. Anderson b Matt Hardy. Jeff tried to interfered but RVD stopped him.

Beer Money, Jeff Jarrett, Gunner & Murphy, Kazarian & Rob Terry b Kurt Angle & Crimson (Tommy Mercer) when Jarrett pinned Angle. The lights went out and Scott Steiner was in the ring with a crowbar.

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  1. Elvis Steverson says:

    “Everybody knows, wants to know, you don’t know me, you don’t know me.” All welcome the return of the genetic freak, Scott Steiner. Impact is worth watching again..

  2. The One you H8 to Love says:

    Scott Steiner…really? What is this MEM all over again…jeez

  3. Gaul says:

    In one week of TV tapings they are giving away a Hardy Boyz reunion and Matt Hardy Vs their World Champion on free TV. Both those matches could have been built as stand alone main events built over the course of several weeks.

  4. RJ Ace says:

    Matt Hardy means next to nothing so giving away a match of his on free TV is ok. Now having Anderson wrestle with no build up is a different story. Mat Hardy has been worthless since 2005 and would have been out of wrestling years ago if his last name was different, Thank God for little brothers.

  5. Jerry says:

    So the new THEY are the MEM returning this could actually be very interesting. “If done correctly”

  6. Jay says:

    If tna promoted him as a big deal or handled the build up to his debut properly then he wouldnt mean nothing would he.

  7. Gaul says:

    Then again this is the company that vacated the championship from RVD to give him time off only to have him comeback before a new champion was crowned.

  8. Hipnosis says:

    people who Crap on Matt Hardy are idiots lol

  9. eezel says:

    matt hardy is dumb, i agree with the above poster if matts lastname wasent hardy hed be done with wrestling alrdy tag team action is where he stands and even then he aint that good, as far as MEM coming back I doubt it, but itd be a great angle to see a new group form

  10. Rob says:

    Steiner’s back? Hell yes!!!

  11. jacob says:

    Typical Bischoff Faction v Faction warfare. It worked when it was IV Horsemen v NWO because they were able to effectively pull a brilliant twist in the angle with Henning. They are teasing faction v faction with a twist that they pull off on a taped episode. This MEM return could work, TNA were smart in putting the angle to bed before it got stale, and they didn’t overdo it like the NWO and DX have been done, but TNA is going about it the wrong way. There is no sense in going for shockvalue when the core of TNA’s audience are active in the internet wrestling community and able to check spoilers weeks in advance. Why bother with that and the ‘THEY’ stuff if they’re going to just give it away in a taped episode?

    Why not have Angle cut a promo the week before Impact is in Fayetteville after a beatdown at the top of the show and have him end the promo with calling his family ‘and making them an offer they can’t refuse.’ Taz is a New Yorker that uses all that Italian slang and he’s up on that mob stuff, have him talk about what that very remark means in relation to Angle calling ‘family.’ Have the likes of AJ and Beer Money sell what a major force the Mafia was in not wanting apart of them after getting a taste of it the first time.

    There’s no shock left in today’s market unless there’s a confidentiality agreement, and it really doesn’t help when it’s given away with a taped product. TNA is not gonna shock anyone, but you can very well tease something along to the point where people will tune in if you make it interesting. TNA can do that just like how they did with Bobby Lashley coming into TNA and teasing whether he was Mafia or with TNA.

  12. idontcare says:

    Last time I check I have to pay to watch spike tv so how is it free tv.

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