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Edge’s Royal Rumble opponent confirmed

just announced…

Edge will defend the World Heavyweight Title at the Royal Rumble against No. 1 Contender Dolph Ziggler.

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  1. Ilove2blaze says:

    Sounds like an easy win for edge, all he has to survive is elmination chamber and hes got his wrestlemania

  2. Sir says:

    I don’t even know who all those people are! Anybody?

  3. James says:

    Miz, Cena, Mysterio, R-Truth, Orton, Morrison, Edge, Kane, Kingston, Del Rio

  4. Rick says:

    Sir… really?

    The Miz, John Cena, Rey Mysterio, R-Truth,
    Randy Orton, John Morrison,
    Edge, Kane, Kofi Kingston, Alberto Del Rio.

    With regards to the match, I think Ziggler deserves the shot, he’s really improved over the past few months and I think this could be a very good match!

  5. raven12516 says:

    ^^ Sir Sucks-a-lot much?

  6. kidsampson says:

    Miz, Cena, Mysterio, R-Truth, Orton, Morrison, Edge, Kane, Kofi, Punk…

  7. Alex says:

    that face is too clean to be CM Punk, not enough scars or piercings

  8. jayson says:

    this is why smackdowns rating fall every week

  9. Jay says:

    the sd ratings dont fall because of ziggler or edge jayson.

  10. Heywood Jablome says:

    i hate the way he talks its like hes whinning while talking

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