News on Batista, Carlito, and BTLS

Jan 9, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

– Dave Bautista shot a low budget movie in Grand Rapids in December called
House of the Rising Sun. He plays a former crooked cop called Ray now
working as a bouncer at a strip club. On Halloween evening, the club is
robbed and the mob boss/owner’s son is shot dead. Ray must get to the
bottom of the robbery as the club’s manager, Tony, has set Ray up to
look like the fall guy so that Tony can take over as mob boss…
Bautista is also in the running for a role on a major action movie in
the works which is rumored to star Russell Crowe and Cung Lee.

– The Hollywood Reporter ran a story on former TNA personality Bubba the
Love Sponge who recently decided to leave Sirius XM satellite radio. The
story noted that Bubba was paid $1 million annually and was told his
earnings would be cut by 80 percent starting at $200,000 at the
beginning of this year. Bubba was quoted as saying: “They’ve asked
everybody to take a pay cut. With me, it was a take it or leave it
offer. We decided to leave it. They paid an exorbitant amount for
Hollywood people like Jamie Foxx with no f**king radio talent, so radio
people like me have suffered. A lot of good radio people aren’t getting
an opportunity because of these Hollywood people. Eminem doesn’t even
have to show up and they pay him zillions of dollars. Where does Bubba
the Love Sponge sign up for that! I don’t have any business on a movie
set, and actors don’t have any business behind a radio mike. You
Hollywood f**kers stay out of radio, and we’ll stay out of Hollywood.”
(credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

– From Javier Gonzalez:

WWC Puerto Rico: Interviews Carlito and El Mesias before his fight in Euphoria 2011 for the Universal Championship‏

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