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GENESIS: Rob Van Dam's mystery opponent is… (photo included)

(photo courtesy of @TNAonline)

Matt Hardy was revealed as Rob Van Dam’s mystery opponent. Match result coming next.

* Rob Van Dam vs. Matt Hardy in progress at TNA Genesis.

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12 Responses

  1. setht says:

    wow big suprize

  2. Korey says:

    what is up with those braids lol

  3. Ian says:

    Hair looks lame especially with the bright colors in it…lol

  4. James says:

    I like Matt’s new look. Reminds me of Loudness guitarist Akira Takasaki.

  5. Joe says:

    Lol it’s Tyler Reks!!!!!! B

  6. Jose says:

    someone’s been dipping his paw into the Hardy family stash.

  7. The One You H8 to Love says:

    RVD vs Tyler Reks??? WTF is up with Hardy, he looks like Tyler Reks, only difference is Rek is in shape and Hardy is out of shape and look like a old has been that shoulve retired after his “glory days”

  8. Hipnosis says:

    can’t beleive tyleR recks is trending on Twitter…TNA pushed a man WWE couldn’t once again lol

  9. blah blah says:

    Think he’s talking to RVD about his “grapes” ?

  10. Daniel says:

    LOL he does look likes Reks. No question that he looks ridiculous either.

  11. Teir says:

    all you guys who say matt looks ut of shape and like a hasbeen… have you seen him? did you even look at the picture above? I doubt you look more in shape than he does so you should probably shut up to not make yourself look ridiculous. He is in a fine shape. Not pumped up like hell, but fine. It adds to his braids look, makes him look more massive. Yall have no clue..

  12. The One you H8 to Love says:

    Hey Teir…shut up. Who the hell are you to tell us, that we are ridiculous? Hardy is out of shape, he looks nothing like Matt Hardy circa US Title reign…the braids are stupid, he looks like an over weight Tyler Reks and that is sad, cause the guy was once in great shape, but i guess since Jeff is hook on drugs….Matt had to have is own addiction ala twinkies and beer. Oh Yeah, I am actually am in better shape then that…so talk what you know and dont assume, cause you just make an ass out of yourself….*Mick Foley voice* Have a Nice Day!



Matt Hardy wins the TNA World Heavyweight title

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