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Mark Madden takes TNA to tasks over Jeff Hardy’s legal issues

Former WCW personality Mark Madden takes TNA to task in his latest blog
over Jeff Hardy’s legal issues. Madden gives the following analogy
writing, “Let’s say Alex Rodriguez was arrested in possession of 262
doses of Vicodin, 180 somas, 55 ml of anabolic steroids, residual traces
of cocaine powder and drug paraphernalia, then pled guilty to lesser
drug charges by way of dodging jail time, would Major League Baseball
take punitive action? DAMN RIGHT. If Lebron James got pinched holding
262 doses of Vicodin, 180 somas, 55 ml of anabolic steroids, residual
traces of cocaine powder and drug paraphernalia, then pled guilty to
lesser drug charges by way of dodging jail time, would the National
Basketball Association take punitive action? DAMN RIGHT. That’s how the
sports world works. Major corporations like U.S. Steel and AT&T, too.
That’s how the world works. It’s not how TNA works. Jeff Hardy is still
TNA world champion. Still one of the promotion’s major foci. TNA isn’t
punishing, or even FLINCHING. TNA can’t think Hardy is innocent, because
he’s ADMITTING HE’S GUILTY. Tells you all you need to know about TNA.”

(credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

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11 Responses

  1. Anony-mouse says:

    damn right.

  2. Sean says:

    I never liked Mark Madden back when WCW was around, but I have to agree with him 100% on this one.

  3. jonnyr says:

    why do washed up nobodies always hav a go at people just cos their career is down the crapper while a druggy has a world title reign?

  4. idontcare says:

    what madden forgotten to point out that tna taped all there shows before the news that Jeff pleaded guilty to the charges. Today’s ppv we the first tna event in a month. In addition, he is not even wrestle tonight. Made they do something about it at the tv tapings.

  5. Jay says:

    guess what, the MLB didn’t take any actions against a-rod when he failed a steroid test. steroids are ILLEGAL. so think twice, dumbass, before you compare hardy to scumbags like a-rod and pathetic organizations like the MLB.

  6. mikechaos says:

    Mark Madden is still relevent in Pittsburgh. He is on the radio on the weekdays and is actually very popuar, I personally hate him. But still listen to him sometimes.

  7. sonia says:

    Mark is dead on with his statements. Maybe Hardy had all the drugs for other TNA “talent” The company is a joke so it makes sense that there main star is one too.

  8. LostPr0phet says:

    GUESS WHAT… JEFF LOST THE TITLE!!!! Mark had valid points but forgot to mention the taping scenario and about major league baseball, don’t get me started. There is still significant use of HGH in the mlb and nobody likes alex rodriguez anyway… oh and WWE having a half-hearted drug policy? can’t forget that as well. @ Sonia, TNA is no joke, trust me, go to a live show, I just went to one and it was one of the best shows I have ever seen live, JB and Don West do a great job, the wrestling is good, and they really do a great job of making it fan-friendly. Jeff Hardy took pictures with fans and he was pretty cool and in a good mood, it was great to see. Yes Jeff is guilty, yes Jeff lost the title, let’s all move on…Mark Madden is a talented announcer who has an ability to be outright hilarious; and he has an argument, just after tonight it is no longer valid since Jeff dropped the belt.

  9. LostPr0phet says:

    @Jay, A-rod did what he did before the new policies were put in place, you have to remember that. Hell, illegal drugs saved baseball if you really think about it! The drugs are always ahead of the testing, one has to remember that when analyzing such a scenario. I’ve done plenty of research on the subject and the suspensions and punishment only seem to happen to people that are not major draws and this is across the board not just TNA, WWE or the MLB, across the board!

  10. Czar of Wrestling says:

    @LostPr0phet, TNA is a joke. Even at a “house show” which I hardly think consists of actual touring all things considered, it’s the same f-ing audience you would see on TV. They can’t draw much outside their “studio audience.” They’ve come here to KY and couldn’t draw flies with manure.

  11. KennyD says:

    It is only right that Jef should drop his TNA Title … However; he does need like a 90 day suspension , at the very least … from TNA Management.

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